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  1. Im guessing ur getting that voltage reading from CPUz? What voltage you running in BIOS? Ur RAM can do 1:1 ratio at 3.6-3.8Ghz easy if ur CPU can get there lol....
  2. well i'm at 3.3Ghz atm, 1:1 with my RAM, and 1.3625V. The PC is acting weird on load, like the mouse jerks around every now and then....and im running prime95 atm and one of the instances has stopped for some reason (hasn't stopped responing yet) lol... It was stable at 3.2Ghz with 1.35V....so we'll see. EDIT: And now after exiting prime95, one of my cores has constant load......hmm....more volts me thinks.
  3. AS5 for thermal paste, it was reseated a week ago with it. Ambient temps are about 25-26 C (77 - 78.8 F).
  4. What kind of volts would i be needing? I'm prime95 stable at 1.35V (apparently 1.35V at least). I thought that the DQ6 was a great OCer lol..... I'm using a Thermalright Ultra 120, with a Scythe 120mm fan @ 1700RPM. This is in a CM Stacker 830 with 7x 120mm fans lol..... Even when full load, (two instances of prime) CPUz shows 1.296 to 1.312V...odd
  5. Hey, got my new rig a couple of weeks ago and after this BIOS update just started OC'ing. Specs are in sig. I would just like to know how much more i could expect from this chip, i set voltage in BIOS to 1.35V but in CPUZ it reports 1.312V. Coretemp shows 42C on both cores idle, and just shy of 53/54C load. My RAM does have a lot of headroom left, so its up to my chip to match it lol....im just scared of it dying on me ahhaha..... Any tips here?
  6. Ok, just got a new system. specs are : Conroe e6600 OCZ Gold XTX 2GB XFX 8800GTX Gigabyte DQ6 3x WD 320GB 1x 74GB Raptor Problem is, i've installed Windows XP Home, 3 times now trying to get my mouse working. I've tried a PS2 mouse, and a USB mouse. All do not work. It gets recognized but says that the hardware malfunctioned. First i thought it was something to do with USB, as it said something about looking for usbehic.sys but my Logitech G15 works fine on it.... I really have NO IDEA wat is wrong....and i wanna play on this machine!!! =(
  7. "* Your information cannot be verified against our databases. *" Whats with that lol.....oh well, the apple trailer was ok...now have to wait ages for it to come to Australia....stupid Aus gets everything late lol
  8. Ok.....just updated firmware on the 7202G modem to the latest firmware. EVERYTHING works on my laptop and another desktop PC. The problem is, my main PC can't access the internet....everything else works though...like it can see the other PC's on the network, and even play online games. I'm thinking that somehow, port 80 is being blocked.....but by what??? I've switched off the firewall on that PC and still nothing....i'm STUMPED to what to do.... help please!!!! EDIT: http://www.experts-exchange.com/Networking/Q_21232659.html This is wat is EXACTLY wrong with mine......but.....im not paying to see the solution... ANYONE!!! PLS!!! Here's wat pops up with ipconfig /all Microsoft Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600]
  9. Anyone seen the trailers?? i can't get into their site.....stupid Australian Zip Code.... http://www.grandmasboymovie.com/grandmas_boy.php?
  10. dang.......im staying at a friends place....how long would it take Newegg to deliver? I'll be in LA for about 1-2Weeks.
  11. Hey, im goin to Los Angeles in my holidays and i wanna buy a new PC in the US (as prices are cheaper). I need to know of any good PC stores, with good prices so i dont have to go hunting around the whole place to find PC things. Thanks
  12. It's been good over these years.........so meh, hasnt let me down yet lol
  13. Im using an Aerocool AeropowerII+ 450W, i bought it for the looks >.<. I'm mainly gunna be gaming and apps, like Photoshop CS2, nothing too intensive.....
  14. Would going for an Opteron 146 be a better choice? It's cheaper........but how's the performance.....oh and wat Mobo should i get? I sorta cant get the DFI UT NF4 mobo which i wanted.....cause of the 24pin power it needs, unless i get a new PSU......
  15. Hey, since my stupid 9800pro doesnt support dual link dvi, and no other AGP cards do (other than the 9600pro....) im proposing an upgrade to my parents for my christmas/bday pressie lol. Here's what i have in mind: Video Card: HIS Radeon X1800XL 256mb PCI-E video card w/2x DVI & video in/out Mobo: Gigabyte K8NF-9 Skt939 nForce4 board CPU: AMD Athlon64 3700+ 64-Bit CPU, 90nm 1mb Socket939 w/AMD fan-heatsink Now......should i get some new RAM? Or stick with the 1GB Geil i have now....i was thinking of getting a 2GB set, but then ill only be getting Geil Budget stuff......which won't OC too well......im not gunna OC too much me thinks.... What you guys reckon?
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