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    AMD 8120 Stcok CPU 8GB G.Skill Ripjaws X DDR3 1600
    ASUS EAH6870 Direct CU 1GB TR2 RX 850W PSU
    2x500GB HDD (WD) 2x TB HDD (Seagate)
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  1. For the near future, will stick with my PC. At least the upgrade path is easier. I don't play most of the sh!t that the "ports" offer, so no brainer for me.
  2. Full tower for builds, but when it comes to moving sure wish it was a mini .
  3. Well the ladies have always said, Size DOES matter. ;-) Seriously though, Full tower, just to fit it all in. I am tired of "upgrading" to find I can't fit a vid card or PSU, or whatever. Puck did say it best though.
  4. I have decent speakers, but prefer my headphones for games. Usually only use the speakers for movies and music, especially if the roomie's are not home.
  5. Good lord I do hear you Bosco, But.... Grrr now 6-0 for the Maple Leafs. Sorry die hard Hab's fan. If one looks at the $ don't the Hab's figure up there ? Ah well welcome to reality, guess until we re-arrange the NHL to actually represent the Market, as opposed to the $... Either way Hab's are getting their collective Butts kicked. :-( Now the final 6-0 for the Leafs. As I have said for the last 15 yrs or so...Maybe next year.
  6. Watching the game tonight, Habs -VS- the Leafs ( 02-09-2013 ) Wow what has happened to the Hab's in the last 2 decades. I used to live in Mtl, during the 60' through the early 90's. I enjoyed watching the game,going to the game. Now it seems to be a crap shoot. Is it the $$, or is it ...what ? Give your opinion,
  7. I think I could die happy when we have definitive proof of an alien civilization, that is hopefully not bent on our eradication.
  8. HDD/SSD. Next would be the PSU. As for a case, why bother the are relatively cheap to start with. Other than that I will take second hand stuff. Prefer free but have paid for things before,but only from people I know so far.
  9. I bought a Blue ray for my PC 2 yrs ago,ran into similar issues. Stupid me installed the "free" software and player. What a mistake that was. I finally resorted to formatting my HDD and grabbing some free full fledged player off the net.(DAPlayer), no issues. And they wonder why people pirate stuff. If you go the "legit" route, all you usually get is a headache and wasted time not to mention a crap-load of stuff you do not need, pirate it and voila presto no problem. Caveat: I am not promoting piracy, just stating the obvious. Glad you also solved your issues IVIYTHOS.
  10. To all my poor family and friends in the Eastern end of the continent, look out Alberta Clipper moving in, with the double whammy of a South Western low. Glad I don't move to Southern Ontario until the end of the month.
  11. Enjoying the TV Series Arrow so far. Need to see the last 3 episodes. Movie wise recently watched Cloud Atlas (finally) really enjoyed, but will need to re-view it as it is truly different.Also finally caught 6 Bullets good too. Looper and Hit and Run (more comedy than anything) filled in a few enjoyable hrs.
  12. Hey welcome DragonRider, as said earlier now I have another brain to pick. ;-) Nice pedigree BTW. Sit back sip one or two, participate and enjoy. I have been helped a lot when I posted questions. It is nice to be a "Pro" among my friends" but a "Noob" here. LOL
  13. Just a quick thought, tell me if I am way off. I understood the higher spindle speed mostly affects the pre-fetch from cache.I am way off base or in the ballpark? Thanks.
  14. Been working for me all along, but great for those it wasn't working for.
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