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  1. Building Liquid-Helix

  2. Decided to make a computer desk, it seems to be the up and coming style of case modding. There are so many Rectangular desk out there i wanted to do something outside of the box. Almost Completed Desk Build. First I started with a idea of making a Hex sided desk in order to house my computer. After days of designing and researching what goes into a desk build created list of all that was needed inorder to make my idea become reality. The idea then evovled into much more. I then looked to Google Sketchup to design all the componets of the desk. Used Google Sketchup to Plan out the build Render Using Keyshot A few days of Welding and a Plasma Cutter http://www.youtube.com/embed/aY_94Qwx20I Check out My Website for more Pics and Vids http://Liquid-Helix.com
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