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    Overclocking everything i can get my hands on! Breaking down every electronic in my home. Buying cheap old computers on craigslist and seeing what they can handle!
  1. msi fx620dx intel core i5-2410m NVidia GeForce gt 540m http://www.3dmark.com/pcm7/647321 my score was 3402.
  2. i have an i5-2600k and until i put on a closed loop corsair h-40 i couldnt even begin to OC. the h-40 is about the smallest WC id go but it works for me. but i have a very conservative OC. i got it for 45$ before tax at my local frys.
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    Hi. im chris and im a self taught OC'er. Ive had tens of desktops over the years, ive started to dive into notebook modding and OCing in the last year to expand my horizions. Can't wait to help and get some valuable info from like minds. these are just a couple pics i have available right now of a build from about 2 years ago. the second pic is benchmarking a ramdisk. thanks for having me.
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