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  1. How do i install the driver? I have windows home Premium which doesnt support software raid. Any thoughts on pool storage such as Drive Bender? Been looking into and it seems to be just as good as software raid 1 Regards Elliot
  2. Hi there, I want to set up a raid 1 with two 3tb drives for data, mainly video and keep my os and programs on a non raid hdd (which i intend to upgrade to a ssd). I set up the raid 1 with the Intel ROM utility but windows wouldn't launch. It says in the P9X79 manual that "Due to chipset limitations, when set any of SATA ports to RAID mode, all SATA ports run at RAID mode together" im guessing this is why. Is there a way round this? If not what is my best option, software raid or a raid controller? can anyone recommend a raid controller below
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