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  1. Congrats again on the win and your build looks pretty good. Im sure it will love having the speed of an ssd now. Or more then one if you already installed one.
  2. The setup looks great. Thanks! The kids love it. They can play all the newer games with Good frame rates and res. Best part is they are not on my desktop anymore. I made some trades that allowed me to get some parts to upgrade my box too. So in about a week or so Ill post pics of my new build.
  3. Congrats to all of the winners of these great Kingston SSDS! Enjoy
  4. Glad your PC is working the way it suppose to. Im like you, reinstall is last resort. I like to find what is wrong for future reference.
  5. I wouldn't call Newegg shady. I just think they grew so big so fast they don't have their processes nailed down and stuff gets mixed up sometimes. They will have a New board and an Open Box board under a SKU that is too close to each other allowing shipping mistakes to happen. Every large logistics center has issues with careless warehouse order pickers because of the pick Quotas. I have seen some insane numbers these guys have to pick in a shift. Dont get paid much so they dont care as much. I have only had one issue with an order from Newegg and it wasnt their fault. The board was DOA. brand new and sealed. I do order from Amazon too. No issues there either. Its who ever has the cheapest price with shipping at the time for me.
  6. Yes. The biggest one I could afford. Same one I use for my tv. Life saver.
  7. If you can return the board then get an RMA. But if you have the same issues with the new board then we know it is a driver and settings issue with some of you problems. Both new sticks of ram work in the new board 1 at a time? Both is a no go in either system? Return it as well.
  8. Wow. Sounds like you have your hands full. So the memory kit you just bought for this rig doesnt work with both installed and bsod with 1 installed. Guess Bios Defaults Timings not right? Manually check with one stick installed. Change to whatever box says. Usb 3.0 Are you using the posts directly connected to the board or the ones on the front panel? Have you checked bios to make sure the Usb 3.0 is turned on? Its seperate from the USB 2.0 setting. If you know how to use the torrents you can find a copy of MRI PC diagnostics. It will check your entire system. Is this a new SSD or old one? I think you issues are BIOS settings related. Check for new verision and check your settings for everything related to memory, usb and the sata mode. I hope this helps.
  9. How many members will go check his last logon and activity? hahaha
  10. Personally I like the price/performance of the 8350.
  11. You can do a search for posts by you in the OCC News & Announcements Ya I deleted all the comments and empty stuff. Thanks for deleting any post I made. I was looking for them. Congrats to the first winner!.
  12. That thing is a monster of a cooler. It did outstanding with Idle temps and held its own against the Hybrid cooler. That is great for a active air cooler.
  13. That is some odd stuff. Well Im glad its working for you now. Enjoy and hope it doesnt come back so you can actually use your new rig.
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