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  1. dr_bowtie's recommendation is correct and I would say the same thing as well. First, you need to dismantle the card particularly removing the heatsink systems from the PCB and GPU. Then you need to remove the shroud and remove the fan. Even reference type fans can be re-lubricated.


    It should also look like that. Simply remove the sticker and you should be able to access the bearings inside to apply lubricant. I personally prefer all-purpose mineral oil. Same old used for conventional sewing machines.

  2. Here are the winners


    Grand Prize - Phone call will be made tomorrow between 9am-12PM Pacific Time. Hint, Three people have been picked in case I can't reach anyone. The first two are in the US and the third one is in Australia so if you are in either of those two countries stay close to your phone. Once I have talked to the winner I will announce it.


    Intel 3770k (Supplied by Intel)

    MSI Z77A GD65 (Supplied by ccokeman)

    NVIDIA GTX 690 (Supplied by NVIDIA)

    Mushkin Chronos 120GB HDD (Supplied by Mushkin)

    Dominator Platinum 16GB (Supplied by Corsair)

    Corsair 600T Case (Supplied by Corsair)

    Corsair AX860 PSU (Supplied by Corsair)

    H100i (Supplied by Corsair)

    Asus DVDRW (Supplied by Bosco)


    Other items



    1x NH-L12 CPU cooler and 2x NF-F12 120mm fan - Scott P



    Bench Table MINI v1.0 - (Choose from Black, Gray, white, red, blue yellow) - AddictedGamer93



    Case and Fan - Phil69



    TridentX DDR3 kit: DDR3 2400MHz 8GB(2x4GB) - Locutus



    PH-TC14PE-Orange and 2 X PH-F140TS Orange 140mm Premium Fans. -  feetfats



    Savu Hybrid Gaming Mouse - Stachman31

    Isku Gaming Keyboard - DrDigitized2



    Z77MX-D3H - l33t p1mp

    A75-D3H x1 - kyfire



    2 X 900 watts (80+Gold) PSU -Neebitemnemo, papajohn



    Dracula VGA Cooler - Raidflex

    Assassin CPU Cooler - Jenova69



    128GB Vertex 4 - cjloki



    2 2133 2x4GB Intel Extreme Masters kits - TheAlexO, tcath2o

    2 64GB Supersonic RAGE XT drives - IIxNullxII, My_Inner_Fred



    850 80+ Gold PSU - muskie

    P 660 80+ Platinum PSU - Silas13013



    1x Megahalems Rev C, 1x New Ultra Sleek Vortex 14 Fan, 1x Blue Magnetic Pin, 1x Black Magnetic Pin, 1x PK-1 (5g), 1x PK-2 (5g), 1x PK-3 (5g). - Greengiant912

    2x Samuel 17 CPU Cooler and 2x Blue Vortex 12 LED fan, 4x Blue Magnetic Pin, 4x Black Magnetic Pin, 4x PK-1 (5g), 4x PK-2 (5g), 4x PK-3 (5g). - allkindsofbad, RedFury77



    Ostrog Case (Black) - Cyberburnout

    Fulmo Basic Case - F13Bubba

    ETS-T40-VD CPU Cooler - redcloud

    ETD-T60-TB CPU Cooler - JC22



    G750-MAS PSU - Tonystew42

    LPVC4C12P Case Fans X 3 - UNOE

    LPCP12N-R (Red) Case Fans x 3 - AZNguyen



    2 X GH808 Gaming Headsets - WolverineM, PruritusAni

    2 X GM2000 Gaming Mouse - Braegnok, iForeverNoob



    Armor Revo Gene Case - SpeedCrazy

    Level 10 Mouse - beeiilll



    5 X Sonuz Headsets - Renigade, doopypeanut, firefox11, iSkout, Gremlin



    CM TK Keyboard (Supplied By BluePanda) - Virus

    Bitfenix Recon Fan Controller (Supplied By Waco) - Spl_181


    Do not expect prizes until after CES so closer to the end of Jan. Some of you may get them sooner but don't expect them in a week.


    Congrats to all the winners and good luck to the winner of the Grand Prize tomorrow.


    Merry Christmas Guys.


    Happy Holidays to all staff and readers!

    May true peace reign on Earth!

    Congratulations to all winners as well! :D

  3. I think this is solved. If you do have an extra sata port, you can simply plug it there (with sata power of course) and you can access the file like it's another partition. Don't worry about the OS, the computer can determine the right pathway or might give you a selection on which OS to use. :) Getting an enclosure is also another option but if you don't really want to use it afterwards, that might be a waste.

  4. I think it's a waste as well particularly if you're using a single monitor. Performance difference wouldn't be that noticeable to the naked eye I believe. GTX 660TI can play any title available today which should include the notorious Crysis 3. GTX 670 and 660TI are also on the same tier (performance wise). Also, it is said that AMD 7xxx graphics would be release this Q1 2013. I am certain NVIDIA will answer the call and compete with their own line around at least late Q1 or early Q2. So rather than upgrade, it would be better to wait for the next series which is likely faster and more efficient in terms of power consumption. :)

  5. Looks fun :) Asian coming through! LOL



    Motherboard: ASUS P8Z77-V
    Processor: i5-2500k
    Graphics Card: eVGA GTX560TI
    Ram: Corsair Vengeance 2x4gb
    Cooler: Corsair H50
    PSU: Corsair TX650
    Boot Drive: Western Digital Caviar Blue 500gb
    Other Drives: Seagate Baraccuda 500gb
    Chassis: CM Storm Trooper
    Mice: Generic (A4Tech)
    Keyboard: Logitech G110 (refurbished)
    Audio Card: Asus ThunderFX External Audio Card
    Headphones: Roccat Kave 5.1
    Speakers: Creative A320
    Country: Philippines 

  6. Hello OCC Readers and Staff!


    I'm Michael from the Philippines, an economist by profession but ended up working as a website developer. I build websites for a living which includes writing content for it up to setting up the sites. I do a lot of these in a weekly basis. I am also a gamer and PC hardware enthusiast. I've been reading a lot of stuff from OCC before particularly the reviews that help me select hardware I want to buy. Never really thought of joining the forums until today.

    Looking forward to share fun and knowledge with everybody.


    Good day everyone!

    Michael - najiro

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