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  1. travism21

    [FS] EVGA gtx 680 2GB superclocked edition

    crap, forgot all about this post, anyway already sold card to my brother, topic closed plz
  2. travism21

    processor or ram?

    y not a 8350 and 8gb of ram?
  3. travism21

    7970 overclocking

    speedfan, or hwmonitor maybe
  4. i bought this card roughly 6 months ago, haven't really used it all that much, not having internet sucks =(, asking $250 shipped, any takers?
  5. travism21

    [WTS] Computer Stuff

    would buy the 8350 if i had any money, damn i need to get my broke ass a job
  6. travism21

    thinking qabout getting borderlands 2

    i've played the first one, but i never got around to beating it, is this one any better/funnier?
  7. travism21

    [wts] sager np9170 laptop

    yep still for sale, as for trade items i'd be willing to take a lighter laptop that was made within the last couple years
  8. travism21

    [wts] sager np9170 laptop

    decided to lower my asking price to $600&shipping, I am leaving soon and i need to sell it before then
  9. travism21

    [wts] sager np9170 laptop

    i'll post some pictures later today
  10. travism21

    nvidia control panel problem

    thx for the help +1
  11. travism21

    nvidia control panel problem

    moved all the files to my documents and now it working, wtf?
  12. travism21

    nvidia control panel problem

    a couple
  13. travism21

    nvidia control panel problem

    because the problem is with my laptop
  14. travism21

    nvidia control panel problem

    driver version: http://www.nvidia.com/object/notebook-win8-win7-64bit-314.22-whql-driver.html previous version: http://www.nvidia.com/object/notebook-win8-win7-64bit-314.21-beta-driver.html bio: no clue it a locked down sager bios problem is on my laptop btw not my sig pc
  15. travism21

    nvidia control panel problem

    this right?