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  1. pretty sure all ram on x58 platform that was certified any way was recommened voltage of 1.65v
  2. MB/CPU first SSD second GPU last My reasoning: Some earlier X58 firmwares have issues with SSD's. If they don't have updated Intel Ichor firmwares on the sata controllers it can cuase ssd to got bad. I went through 12 Corsair SSd's because of that type of issue. Your maybe fine, but all the new boards have better support for the ssd's. After the mb/cpu change get your ssd as it's the biggest noticeable difference in the system, but this way you don't need to reinstall windows since you got the new board/cpu first. Lastly the gpu as your current gpu can run most current games well, and the new 700's is more for future games then current. Just my .2 cents and the logic I used.
  3. TRIM is part of the OS so you need windows 7 or 8, but it will work on your board. The only draw back to your board is it is SATA II so you won't get SATA III speeds from most the modern SSD's, but it will still be faster then a regular HDD. There are very few SSD's if even at all any more that have garbage collection on the SSD's controller (it's like TRIM but firmware based on the ssd controller), they only made those for people to raid0 their drives and still have a version of TRIM, however newer boards now have TRIM support on the Raid controllers so there was no longer a need. I'd say you'd be fine with just about any drive you buy, just research lotsa customer reviews to see which ones are having the least problems overall, and of course get a copy of W7 or W8.
  4. You can use an image program like acronis to image the one raid-1 then restore it onto the other array, But if it contains the OS on the images it will need to have the proper drivers if the arrays are using different controllers.
  5. Almost all cards these days come with oc'ing software, and so they expect you to do this and thus the products are normally warrantied for this type of stuff. Only volt moding with soldering stuff onto the card will void it typically. Check your asus warranty card for info, your prolly covered. If you had an EVGA card they will even warranty physical volt mods on some of their cards. I remember when back in the day oc'ing was frowned on and if you said you had oc'ed something they would just say warranty void, but ever since BFGTech did their warranties which was 24/7 replacement for damn near anything other then pure physical abuse, most other companies adopted similar warranties on enthusiats grade products like a gtx690. I don't think you'll have a problem getting it rma'd other then the normal asus rma process i heard was a nightmare.
  6. at that speed it would have to be a capped download for 48 stright hours to hit 250Gb. I know it's not hard to hit some these caps isp put in place, but really most normal use won't. If you like to download torrent and stuff then yes I can see why, but just for gaming your not going to hit it or like netflix and vudu youtubes. But yes if you download lots of movies and songs I can see that. at 4mbs if capped it would be 6 days of capped uniterupted downloading to hit 250gb, which is what he will get at $40 a month. Normally they give you more cap when you get faster connections too.
  7. omnidirectional means it emits in all directions 360 degrees, so no matter which one of those 360 points your standing at you will have a location detection. we will have to agree to disagree on this one. In response to stoner, I couldn't tell you if there actually is or isn't content out there sold to consumers that are 5.2 , or 7.2. I have never really looked. There are definately recievers that are. And I think for the most part most of the content you would find that is would be comercial custom stuff for things like amusment rides etc, were they use the extra sub channel to drive sub sonic drivers for replicating like say and earthquake, or the bass shakers to shake seats in a theather. As far as blu ray and such with those audio tracks that act like that, i would imagine would be hard to find, but i have also never tried so who knows there could be something out there. To truely be nondirection you would have to be an equidistance from several devices that emitted the same thing at the same time so that all of it hit you at the same time and then you couldn't tell were it came from. the only thing i could relate in real life to be nondirectional, would be the earth and nature, and everything around you. all of the resonate frequencies emitted buy trees and leaves and the ground or the 4 walls of a room, the noise floor of your room, or a car. Thats what I would classify as nondirectional sound. even then highly sensitive mic arrays could be used to determine a location of those frequencies as well, the military i believe is testing or employs some such equipment to determine the location of gun fire more acruately. I realize is semantics(sp?) and I understand your points and agree. I'm just saying when someone talks about a sub and it not having a direction isn't actually correct, and the proper term should be omnidirectional. It's like when you goto the store and tell em you want a device that plugs into your car and your ipod so you can hear it over a radio station, alot of people refer to them as FM Modulators, but they are actually FM transmitters, or Frequency Modulation Transmitters. To finish up with this thread I believe the question was why 5.2 is better then 5.1 even though it don't say that. I gave my scenarios on why it is better, or why it could be better, based on content wether it exsists or not. The abilitiy to add more information to a subject is always better, the more data that can be processed the batter. It's with everything, why is 1080p better then 720p, more information, more pixels in that case. That was my point.
  8. Exactly, it comes from the source, radiating outwards, thats my point. It don't move on one side of the room and magically make sound come from the otherside of the room. My bad... If you are listening to stero music then yes you will have greater output from both speakers recieving the same signal. in entertianment content were something else is tring to be acheived then having the extra discrete channels would be better. Actually thats exactly how it works, other wise everyone would just use a standard acustic suspension enclosures, and that was my point. People find ways to make speaker eclosures more efficent giving you the same amount of output that a larger speaker can but with less space and less power. Transsmission line enclosures or as stoner said folded horn designs are very efficent and why they are a sought after design to use. I think I could tell, but I have never in my life head a system that I couldn't tell were it was coming from, even the old bose studios which were pretty good, I could still tell. But if you made my ears bleed I prolly would fail...fail to ever even hear again.... I would not want that.
  9. When I refered to designs, I was talking about design of a system for a specific room. You can take the same equipment from one room to the next and you will get different sound. So designing a system for your room is important, the most important thing I would say. all sounds are directional. think of your room and now think if you replaced the air with water. If you drop a pebble in a area of the room do the waves come from everywere instantaiuosly or do they come from the point the pebble dropped in? In good audio desgin the goal is to make the sound appear to come from the areas your content wants it too, but not so distinguishable that you can tell it's coming from a speaker. in the link you provided with the 4 subs and or 2 subs if they are getting the same signal you can increase the odds af making the sound seem non directional by having the bass waves from both subs reaching the listening position at the same time, in which then it would be hard for a human ear to determine the direction of the bass if this was your design purpose, however if the listener is sitting in any direction other then the 1 single point in the space he will notice a direction of sound. It all depends on your content, if your watching movies you want the sounds to come from were they are supposed to, if it's music like watching a concert on the tv you want it to sound as though its coming from up on stage. In a car for instance you want to try to make the sound like its all coming from the windshield.
  10. Your right, as time goes by researches find more efficent ways to reproduce sounds, in the example of subs you can use a single 8" driver in a typical enclosure and it will making decent bass. Now if you cover that same 8" speaker enclosure with another encloser that has say 2 10" diaphrams, you will be moving as much air and creating as much air pressure as an 15" subwoofer would alone. It's pretty amazing the things they are developing these days, with sound it's pretty amazing imho.
  11. Just because you filter the signal to the speaker won't defy physics. Sound comes from a source that creates it. an easy way to test this is to stand infront of a sub facing it, then turn around 180 degrees, its not going to still sound as if it is coming from infront of you as it did when you were facing it. This is were time alignment comes in. If you delay sounds so that all the waves meet at a point at the same time and you stand facing that point the sound is supposed to sound as it is coming from that point. When it is said that bass or subwoofers are non directional is a misconception as it is still directional. What people mean to say is that because of the wavelength of the frequencies that a subwoofer reproduces, it matter less were you put the subwoofer and still be able to hear the sound. It's still directional and comes from the direction it was produced as does all sounds. having more then 1 sub would infact add volume not lower it as when you add more subs you move more air, making more spl and therfor more volume. I think you might be confusing distortion with destructive interference, like I said before as long as you have enough room between them you shouldn't notice any of this and, if you did you can use the time alignment on your reciever to fix this, or you can move the placement of the speakers to correct this.
  12. it's just sound waves. Sound waves travel through the air from a direction, yes you can cause an out of phase condition buy having certain frequencies canceling each other out, but in large spaces like a house your not going to see that as much as you would in say a car, in fact some home theater designs incorporate this in their systems to cause it to get the effects they want with stageing. This works on the same theroies as infinate baffle, if you have a speaker mounted in a single sheet of wood it will sound just like it would if it was in a box as long as the piece of wood was big enough so the waves from the back of the speaker can't make it around to the front in time to cancel the waves from the front. You can get a reciever that the .2 capabilities to send 2 seperate sub signals, so that bass can be sent left or right, making subs on the left or right sound and unless you have them close to each other you will notice which side the bass would come from. Most common use would be the movies, an explosion coming from the right or left, you can notice the difference. each tower has a 10" powered sub woofer in it which is feed by the sub out from the back on the reciever. You also hook up the left and right audio out from the amp to the speaker for the midrange and high pass speakers in the towers.
  13. Not sure what apps you would want that aren't on Windows phone. Sadly from my experiences Windows phones are much better then the rest, although I would put the Old Blackberry Java OS Up there with it. Windows phone runs smotth and fast, HARD REST never have had to once with my windows phone. My IPhone4 had to get a Hard Reset constantly, oh noez BT locked up hard reset, oh noez pandora stopped working hard reset, oh noez whats the point is having all that crap if it don't work? Android seem to have some the same issues, I will say i have and older andriod unit so mabye they are better now, but I found it highly annoying to have to constantly be reconnecting it to wifi and bt or hard reseting it alot. They are likely better now then they were, but because of that horrid experience I personaly won't bother with android again. The point is people are adicted to the apps as companies like to call it, when 95% of them just push data from online sites. Why pay for an app when you can goto its web site and use the service free? What better way then with a phone with IE? All I want my phone to do is work like it is supposed to or is advertised to. Apple Sorry they don't, they do try though, I fundamentally disagree with their shady buisness practices as well. Siri was a cool app that was free, but since they wanted to make it a feature of the 4s they disabeled the app on everyone elses phones and made you buy a new phone if you still wanted the app. oh well to bad they lost my buisness forever. In the end it's about being happy, and as long as your happy with your phone thats what matters. I have had bad luck with most phones, every windows phone i have had has been awesome to say the least, so I stick with what works for me. Just thought I would clarify why I say the Nokia phone was awesome. I also find as you stated you can't debate with fanboys, they will only argue once side of the fence without ever even tring other things first and imho thats just wrong. It's like how do you know you don't like the way green beans taste if you have never tried them, they could be the best beans in the world.
  14. I would say it really depends what your tring to do and how high end your trying to go. You also have to realize your not really getting advantage of .2 if the content your using isn't .2. The main reason you would want 5.2, 7.2, etc is when the content is set up for it you have explosions from the right or left sound like they come from the right or left. If you have mulriple subs but the content or reciever is 5.1 or 7.1 then you just have louder .1 if that makes sense to you. Personally, I have a 5.2 system in my bed room i use these http://www.definitivetech.com/products/bp-7004, heres a video so you can kinda see what I have The reason I got them is that I got a super awesome deal, but I would imagine the main reason folks would run .2 reciever is because they got floor standing speakers with subs in them as did I. So the simple answer is yes a 5.2 is better then a 5.1, but only if the content your using takes advantage of it, if not its just the same and possibly a waste of cash.
  15. I don't really play those games so can't say for sure, but I runs Diablo 3, the secret world, torchlight 2, fine. I was having some issues in Diablo 3 because I went away from a DVI-D Dual Link cable to a singlr link as i was having a hard time finding one long enough locally and so it was giving me graphically issues as the card was trying to go to fast it seems. I ordered a dvi-d dual link online swapped it out and set up the monitor to 120hz and whola problem solved. Just to add with tweeking I am Confadent I could get this card to run those games at that frame rate np, i'd prolly have to turn some stuff off, but it could be done. If your hardcore into it anyway your going to want to turn some of that mess that makes the game pretty any way, so you can see the enemy better and from farther away.
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