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  1. F.U...K, I'm very polite,

    Despite my plan, with my team, we were not able to clean everything in one night


    Big Cleaninng


    4 team leaders - 2 infotech - 20 students

    P.S.: I know that we don't have to say tank you to a company.... but I say tank you to SChneider Electric ;-) why, they help me ;-), specialy Jos ;-)


  2. Cleaning

    From midnight, I separate myself from this virtual world... my pc, I undo it. I clean it personally, cleaning it I give it with this great-cleaning at least 2 years of material survival ... cleaning and dusting 

    The same order is given today for my employees of my small company: 372 pc

    I love my collaborators, but they won't like me if their pc doesn't work well, so I decided big-cleaning Lol... Big Memo ...  I have a night shift, the concierge is not allowed in;-)




  3. I'have and use EVGA Precision XOC, but I have the last Version v6 2.7 .


    If you really want to delete and uninstall this program and  the register entries for this program, and you are not familiar with a registry under Windows, then go for it simply by using the free software Ccleaner :-)





  4. Zac 00001

    At the end of this year,


    My nephew Zac asked me, before the end of this year, if he could play a game on his uncle's computer Pile..


    How to say no to a 10-year-old child...  by entrusting him with a game, under adult supervision, with high-end equipment on PC, he plays well

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  5. For quality and sound rendering if you are demanding, first you must have room on your motherboard (two spaces), the Creative ZXR is still the pinnacle currently and works very well under  Windows 10... Now can you afford this sound card financially, this is the real question.







  6. For a graphics card, are you in a hurry, wait at least a month, for a new graphics card, why:


    -The sales of the beginning of school are finished... phew... The real rebate starts;-)

    -Miners are already overequipped and the market for drilling is downward... like Bitcoin;

    -NVDIA starts with a new range... the series 20... The series 10 will sell at a discount...

    -New graphics cards for players are starting to be sold at a reasonable price, especially before December 31st, the end of the manufacturer's fiscal year.


    Open your eyes... The bargains are coming ;-)





  7. Currently, the market is invaded by used graphics cards... Essentially... from digital mining... or from some poor miner.


    Dont' buy these cards.


    A real and good player don't play full time 24/24... Imagine an overclocked graphics card that work 24 hours a day... 


    It's a bad time for the Bitcoin or others digital money... Many miner want to resell...


    Be careful


    If you are a real  player, Save and pay for new.


    Bye ;-)




  8. You need to get a XL-ATX or E-ATX for more pcie slots. It's not cheap and you would also need a new case. The other odd option requiring a new case is those PCIE extenders that is used by dell and others to allow quad SLI and stuff but is less practical than a new MB.


    A few smaller changes might work: different video card (2 slot) and a Asus Pro mb that has built in Wifi.


    thats all I can think of




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