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  1. Been thinking of getting into sim racing. Do you have any PC racing wheels FS? Edit: Please disregard. Purchased one elsewhere. Thanks.
  2. I was hoping for a little more with the 390. At the moment, it costs slightly more than the GTX 970, so if "it just fell short of the mark when trying to match the performance of the GTX 970", it doesn't make the 390 a very appealing choice. I haven't looked around, but is the story different at 4k with SLI'ed 2x GTX 970's vs Crossfired 2x 390's? vRAM limitations?
  3. It was actually the Metro: Last Light trailer that did it for me. Thought it looked awesome, but I knew my old economy desktop with an entry-level discrete GPU wouldn't be up to snuff. So, I upgraded my computer and set up surround sound. Still haven't played the game or its predecessor. XD Same with Crysis. One of them is on my Steam list and I got as far as having it installed at one time, but haven't actually gotten around to playing it.
  4. So... seller's remorse. jk If not for this thread, I wouldn't be looking into the 290/290x for XDMA and 4K gaming. If you're ever looking to sell one...
  5. You just want every card I get don't you? Says the person stalking the 280x FS thread after selling an equivalent card.
  6. You're about 70 miles from me, which would have made the $10 shipping the more economical choice. XD Glad things are working out.
  7. Oh. Where about do you live in NJ? I'm a very indecisive person when it comes to spending my own money. Someone buy this so that I don't have to make a decision!
  8. I'm definitely tempted. This would probably be more stable/smoother than 2x7870's for triple monitor gaming at lower details (assuming crossfire and eyefinity support).
  9. It may take a few tries. At the very least, it should help calm you down as you concentrate on something else other than the feeling of suffocating. Good luck.
  10. Sleep paralysis is a common symptom of sleep apnea. I have both. When I realize that I'm in a state of sleep paralysis, I try to calm down and attempt to curl my fingers and toes. This helps me snap out of it 90% of the time. YMMV.
  11. Ergotech 3 over 3 monitor stand. My 7870 isn't Eyefinity 6, but I'm hoping that with another 7800-series GPU, I can crossfire and use Eyefinity for three monitors while gaming at low details and still be able to use six monitors outside of gaming (with crossfire off). First time trying a multi-GPU setup, so... yeah.
  12. Adopted a dog! My very first. Believed to be a 7-month-old Catahoula/Chihuahua/Rat terrier mix with a brindle coat. Picked her up at a dog rescue place. So glad she's already housebroken. I wasn't looking forward to washing the floor.
  13. The blu-ray player is still working strong, last I used it anyway. Had to remove the cover because some of the plastic buttons had snapped off the rest of the way. Haven't tried out your GTX 285 yet, as you know. Still debating whether or not to go through with the mITX build, since it's unlikely that I'd actually use it for my originally-intended purposes. If I ever get a group together for LAN, I'd probably just lug one of my many mid-towers around the first couple times. I can probably stick the GTX 285 into one of them so that I don't need to touch my main desktop.
  14. No problem. Never thought it did tbh. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811163253 Been thinking again (really do too much of that). The manufacturer's cooling recommendations for the Cooler Master Elite 130 has the AIO cooler as an intake, the PSU fan an exhaust. Should provide some airflow over the VRM's with little risk of recirculation, unlike having a top intake, but it would also push warm air into the case. At the same time, the air pulled through the radiator would always be fresh, so the CPU should have lower temps. If, on the SG08, we use the AIO cooler as an intake, the radiator would always get fresh air and the VRM's will get active cooling. However, I'm a little worried about air recirculating by coming out the side vents and going back in through the top. If the rear side vent were closed off, then the warm air would have to go through the front side vent, which is further away from the top vent. The thing I'm unsure about is the PSU exhaust, whether it would aid the airflow through the exhaust vent or just make it more turbulent. At this point in time, I'm leaning towards the CME130. Push/pull with the AIO cooler, PSU exhaust. Edit: Might be better for me to get a group of interested people and try a LAN party first before putting money into something I might not use. :/
  15. The more I think about cooling, the more I'm not liking the CME130 design. Reconsidering the SG08, using the CNPS8900 Extreme, and making the top fan an intake to supplement the downward flow of the CPU cooler. It costs more, but due to the PSU orientation in the case (the cables interfere with long GPU's), short non-modular PSU's are encouraged and I already own some. A quiet 180mm fan should suffice for the top. I've considered using an 120/140mm AIO cooler using its fan as an exhaust, but I'm uncertain if that'll provide enough cooling for the VRM's. Then again, considering how close an AIO cooler with a large radiator gets to the motherboard and the lower location of the side vents, it might actually work out better overall. Probably install heatsinks either way.
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