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  1. -1 for generalizations In the state of California, it is illegal for the traditional "black and white" paint scheme to be used on police cars. Hence the whole thing with Geek Squad. In the state of Vermont, equipping your vehicle with emergency lights (whether or not they function) is illegal. Doesn't matter if you use them or not. It comes back to having the equipment installed. (Gotta love when someone sends me this .. First time I've logged in, in forever. )
  2. First of all.. "Quiet town, nothing better to do than nitpick".... Well, if there weren't laws being broken they wouldn't "nitpick". Secondly, it is NOT harassment. He was given a Fix-It ticket, pulled over again and given a warning/remind to Fix it, didn't comply with a LEGALLY MANDATED ORDER and got caught a third time. Go fly away, "Crow"
  3. Generally a Harley comes from the factory that loud.... Stock equipment is one thing... and has to be "grandfathered". Yours is aftermarket.
  4. Blah blah blah, Kevin Rose, Yoshi, Patrick, blah blah blah... Does nobody remember KATE BOTELLO? That woman will always have a place in my heart.
  5. Why am I thinking that I need to "borrow" the dump-tank from the firehouse and make my own pool of "oobleck"
  6. Yeah, I hope you'll be dead soon too. Kidding of course. You don't think they can't catologue you already? You have a SSN right? How about a drivers license / permit? Passport? Credit Rating? All of these things are used to "Catologue" you.
  7. If piece of apparatus or RMP was travelling with lights and sirens activated and changed the intersection, you would see a flashing strobe, rotator, or other light on the wires or beams that hold up the traffic light.... No, it would not be dismissed. If they were close enough to trigger the intersection, you should see them! You'd get slap with Failure to Yield, and even Careless and Negligent Operation under some circumstances.
  8. S O L D to HenBenley. 115+25 dollar Western Union fee. Lock this please.
  9. 30 Gig Ipod Video for sale. Black. 150 or BO?
  10. If you have AOL you can add an ICQ number to your buddy list. Same works for ICQ users....
  11. Even then, it's doubtful. Most RMP's are coming outfitted with a camera system that can record up to 30 seconds (or greater depending on settings) before the lights and sirens are activated which would have more then captured you on film. Take it to court and you'll lose. Also, don't forget that officers have to recertify. This includes testing on most, if not all, of their skills. EDIT: Also, your witness isn't going to be able to help you at all unless they were staring at your front tires and the position of the line (which is under your car and otherwise in blind spots ). Even by your own admission, only the front tires were over the line. Your vehicle was not stopped before the line at the time of the light change. YOU ARE AT FAULT. PERIOD.
  12. *Phone Rings* "Hello?" The lawyer called, we just inherited your grandfather's money!!! " "....Yes! Thank god the old fart is dead"
  13. bull crap. You don't have a good chance at all. A officer's story is considered as "evidence" that is admissable in court. You need to learn how "traffic court" works.
  14. So the green light had been displayed for a considerable duration, yet you chose to not slow down and proceed with caution (what any YELLOW displayed light in the US means).... Your car had not totally entered the intersection and you SHOULD HAVE STOPPED. Just because your front tires are passed the line doesn't mean jack .. Your car was still not completely passed the line when the light turned red. Had you made an attempt to stop, the outcome would most likely have been a warning and a reminder to pay attention a little better. The "stupid cop", is just doing his job to keep jackasses like you safe. Gonna still think he's stupid if you're taken hostage and he's the one that saves you?
  15. Y'know, I could feel kinda bad for him if the circumstances were a little different. I carry a device 24/7 that can be just as bad as a cell phone but generally people don't realize what it is. When my pager goes off it doesn't just display a message like most, the god dang thing SPEAKS! I've been in restaraunts and had it go off where the waiter has asked me to "turn it off" and then gets rather pissy because I refuse... It's not a cell phone, and it's for notification of emergency personelle when something is going down... A little different circumstances....But meh. That guy is a goon.
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