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  1. it will cost me around 80 - 85 euros
  2. First of all thanks for the replies. After searching around on some forums i read that dual channel vs tripple channel is not as much difference. for sure triple channel is a bit faster but you cant notice it. so i think i will buy those rams. KINGSTON KHX1866C9D3K4/16GX DDR3 16GB (4X4GB) PC3-14000 1866MHZ HYPERX GENESIS KIT
  3. Thanks for the reply , i will think about it
  4. Hello to all I'm planning to upgrade my memory but i'm a little bit confused. My pc usage is for gaming purpose and movies. My setup is cpu i7 920 (not overclocked yet planning to do when my watercooling arrieves and when i buy my new memory) Mobo : Gigabyte G1 sniper x58 rev 1 Ram : 3 x 2GB xms 1600 mhz GPU : sapphire 6970 2gb I was thinking to upgrade my ram and buy a 4x4gb kit at 1866 Mhz or a 4x4gb 2133mhz i'm just wondering since those rams will work on dual channel and not on triple , will i have any problems? the next option i have is to buy a 6 x 2gb kit at 1866 Mhz or a 6x2gb 2133mhz the dual channel kit it will not utilize the triple channel but i will give 4gb of ram more and also it will give me 2 empty slots on mobo the triple channel it will run as a full triple channel system as the cpu is designed. i checked the mobo and supports dual channel with no problem . My problem is which will give me better perfomance?
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