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  1. thankyou everyone for all the input, and all apologizes are accepted, but i do like the specs for the gigabyte mobo, every one please have a very wonderful cristmas
  2. i took a look at boxxtech and they are way over priced, as well as orginpc, but i do appreciate the offer of help
  3. thankyou for the post, i like the mobo, it seems to have what i will be needing
  4. you're being extremly helpfull, and you are correct about the mac pro laptop that they provide, this build is for my son to utilize for the dreams that he already has. he is a great artist, a strait a honor student, he has art (drawing) awards from the states of arizona and nebraska, as well as the country of japan. he has been working on a story line for a animated movie, and so when starts attending full sail he will be in need of this build so that he can accomplish his dream. i admit that his first few try's will probly look sucky but with time it will improve. he has been drawing cartoons and other animated froms since he was 6 years old.
  5. you have been really helpful in what you have desribed. this build will be for my son who will be attending full sail university starting in june 2013 after graduates from high school. he will be going into the computer animation class. two of the soft ware programs that i am aware of that he will be learning how utilize are the adobe cs6 master, and the autodesk maya 3d, i am fairly sure that he will also be learning to utilize a high end editing software program but which one i'm not sure. i also will need to figure out what will be the best ips monitors for what he will be needing. something else i just remembered he will also be learning how to use the wacom tablet and software
  6. this will be a high end build but, i need to doing some learning before i pick the components. i need a mother board that can handle doing or should i say creating computer aided animation, both in 2d and 3d i have been informed to use amd graphics cards as these are geared towards an opencl which is what most of the software that will be used needs. next i need to figure out which high end mother board i should use; either and intel board with sandybridge technology, or an amd mother board with northbridge technology. your input is greatly appreciated. p.s. the system will using the maya 3d software and adobe cs6, my son may or may not use this system for gaming as well.
  7. he does not play games on the computer, and the only game that he seems to like on the xbox console is halo. thankyou very much for the input, i will now start researching which amd graphics cards are geared toward doing computer animation. but i do have one question for you; would it be better to use an amd cpu mother board for the amd graphics cards, or use an intel cpu motherboard, and would the graphics cards be more effective by putting them in a cross fire configuration ??
  8. i need help from people familiar with the inner workings of nVidia graphics cards. As i have been doing my studys into building a computer for my son who will be attending full sail next summer to become a computer animator. i have noticed that gtx 680 and gtx 690 have more cuda cores than the quadro series professional graphics cards. so my question is this; if i ran 690's or 680's in an sli set up would they be able to perform as well as the quadro series and, would they be able to handle the adobe cs6 software, and the maya 3d software ???? i'm currently studying the cisco essentials manual to help me to learn about computers, and how they work, but thus far it gives me no information on this subject matter.
  9. thankyou every one for your replies!!! i will admit that i'm learning still about computers so please be patient with me
  10. does any body know where or from whom i can aquire a backing plate so that i can build my own case?
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