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  1. Congrats to everyone and Merry Christmas!!!!
  2. evilneil

    Star Wars

    I saw this, Im really hoping its good and not a turd... Kinda looks like a turd tho.. Worth a shot if its free tho! We will see!
  3. evilneil

    Just Cause 2

    I ended up getting that for 5.99 with JC1, JC2 and all the DLC! Def worth it! <3 steam sales, I go crazy lol!
  4. evilneil

    Just Cause 2

    Yes the MP mod. It is pretty fun! Worth it! Act fast to get the discount deal! Def worth 2.99!
  5. evilneil

    Just Cause 2

    Just picked up Just Cause 2 on steam for $2.99 on sale for the release of the multiplayer mod! Anyone else playing? Add me up on steam! EvilNeil
  6. evilneil

    Satellite Reign

    Anyone else pumped for Satellite Reign the spiritual successor to the Syndicate games? I know I am! One of my fav's on PC growing up.. I was super bummed when they relaunch Syndicate Wars as a FPS basiclly ruining everything I loved about the game.. Excited to see the origional creator making things right! Cant wait!
  7. evilneil

    Star Citizen

    This is gunna be sick!
  8. Amazing contest as always OCC! Thank you so much and Merry Christmas for all the work you guys put in on this great site!
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