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  1. That looks like what I'm looking for!! Thanks!
  2. Does anyone know of a good operating system emulator? I'm looking for something that would run on Vista but I would like to be able to have another Windows environment, Mac environment, and Linux environment. Does anyone use one that supports all three and is fairly decent? Thanks!!
  3. Nevermind. Im dumb. It works now. These fancy new computers now have way too many different power cables that need go into the motherboard.... and I managed to forget one.
  4. I just built a new system with: AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+ ASUS M2N-E AM2 NVIDIA nForce 570 Ultra MCP ATX AMD Motherboard 600 Watt OCZ power supply 2gb of RAM the rest of the details arent important right now. But I just put it all together and it starts to power on but then after half a second it powers off. I tested the power supply using a paper clip and it was fine. It stayed on for a few minutes and then I turned it off. I tried with just the motherboard and processor and that didnt work. I took it out of the case and put it on cardboard and tried again. Now I'm out of ideas..... Any other ideas to try? or Is the motherboard bad?
  5. Yeah... Thats why I'm really considering it. Im trying to get this system up and running and then probably get an eee pc before school starts again in august.
  6. Which one should I go with for a decent gaming machine? AMD: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16819103773 Intel: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16819115037 Thanks!!
  7. Thanks! I just ordered one from them!
  8. I'm in need of a 25ft S-Video Cable. Most places only have 12ft Cables. Does anyone know of a cheap online place that has good cables? Thanks!
  9. Hosting and web space will not get you a dedicated quake 4 server unless your going to be paying for a dedicated server and that would be at least $100 a month.
  10. Well I am curious as to where you are getting yours for dirt cheap. Any place that I find them charges 15-20 each
  11. Well I just got an ipod and would like to put something over the screen to protect it from scratches and such. Ive heard of some people using clear packing tape, would that work fine or would that mess it up if I were to take it off? Or should I just go out and blow the $20 on a good screen protector? Thanks!!
  12. I know that if they have a warehouse or retail store or any building in the state then they may charge you sales tax. Other than that I dont think that you have to pay it.
  13. I dont bother looking when I'm calling someone that I have on speed dial, which is all just family. If its someone thats not on speed dial then I must look to find their name.
  14. hmm... ive got the same router and havent had a problem with it... i would try giving it a reset and then maybe a firmware update if that doesnt work
  15. I just installed Daemon Tools and want to set up a bunch of my games so I dont need to have to worry about dragging CDs everywhere with me. Now I am in need of a program that can create ISOs to mount into Daemon Tools. I would like it to be something that is free and not need to buy something. Thanks!
  16. Make sure the payment has cleared. I usually make sure its in my bank account and out of the paypal account when something seems to be a little weird.
  17. Well it is important enough for me to need at least 100gb of it with me and I like to keep around 20gb free in case I need it for something.
  18. Alright. I know that I am going to be upgrading my hard drive. Right now I have 400gb of stuff on my main system 200gb of that is on an external HD.
  19. Well I got a laptop from a guy on craigslist yesterday and I paid $125 for this: Systemax Brand Intel Celeron 2.7 Ghz 20 GB HardDrive 512 MB RAM DVD/CD-RW Drive Only problem was the lack of a working power cord, but I just ordered one off ebay for $50. Now I'm planning on using this for college so I want to upgrade the hard drive and memory. But I have a couple of questions. Would this system accept DDR2 RAM because I was looking on newegg and its around half the price of DDR RAM? Heres the hard drive that I was looking at getting for it: 120gb Western Digital Hard Drive I'm also going to want to get a wireless card eventually, right now I have one, but its only 802.11b and I have G routers in my house. It works but the faster speed would be nice. Since I've never owned a laptop before I'm getting confused with all of this PCMCIA and Cardbus, so can anyone recommend a good card for me to use, possibly one with an external antenna port? Thanks!
  20. If your not going to be gaming or anything like that then you wont notice the difference. If you using it for schoolwork and email and internet then it'll be just fine.
  21. Yes you can use MP3s as ring tones. I dont see why everyone hates these phones so much. Mine has given me no problems and I love it. Maybe its because mine has none of the original branded software from t-mobile on it and has a modified version of it. But I still dont see why everyone thinks they are all that bad.
  22. I dont think it does, since he is not actually trying to sell it to someone here.
  23. If you go to any mall in the US you will see at least 5 of them. We dont really have too many that are complete standalone stores (at least in my area), but there are loads of those carts setup in malls that sell covers and accessories.
  24. A+ is NOT a programming language! C and C++ ARE programming languages! A+ refers to a certification of hardware knowledge. C and C++ refer to languages that are used to create programs. It will take alot of time. Last year I spent most of the year "working on stuff" with the school computers and it took time, but it was very easy to find backdoors and open locations. This year I backed off because some other people got in trouble last year and they closed up a few things, but they still left plenty open. I started slowly many many years ago with some Java programming and then trying some C++, but wasnt motivated and lost interest then I moved on to PHP and I'm still working on that slowly. Motivation seems to be the biggest problem for me, as I am not seeing a product that I want immediately.
  25. Alright thanks guys... I've sleeved a PSU before so I'll just do it the same way as I did then. Does anyone know of a good site for some sleeving and heatshrink? Thanks!
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