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  1. how "loud" are the fans? how would you rate the chances of this case going unnoticed in a living room? not very high I suppose?
  2. it's on the first page... Software config: # OS: Windows XP SP3 and Windows Vista SP1 64-bit # NVIDIA Drivers: Forceware 177.41 # ATI Drivers: Catalyst 8.8 (8.52.2)
  3. yes it is. as you don't pay for the bandwidth you used to read their site since you blocked the ads which generated the revenue to pay the bandwidth
  4. yes there will be a height different, if you use a heatsink which has screws and springs to mount you're fine; if you have one which uses the default A64 bracket for mounting you're not.
  5. letting your PC "sit in the BIOS" does not give idle temps FYI, no full load temps either. but it does use more cpu cycles than "OS idle" - and there for: not comparable. the BIOS does not have a "halt" state, so temps in the BIOS will be higher
  6. ~50dba @ 18" http://www.madshrimps.be/?action=getarticl...599&articID=399
  7. the only reason it beats the other in the X-Bit labs test is because different fans were used - pretty much screws up their whole test data - and they don't mention noise. other reviews place the Tuniq on the same level as the rest, sometimes a degree higher/lower , I've compiled a small table with different sites' results here: http://www.madshrimps.be/forums/showthread...highlight=Tuniq
  8. you can use that one for sure, hook it up to a fan controller and you can have the best of both worlds
  9. 2600rpm is about twice the speed of the Papst fan I used (1200rpm) so yes, that fan is loud at 12V
  10. Fanwise, that size (80mm) I would not know, have not delved into that area of testing yet, sorry. Concerning the memory fans, they are $12 incl shipping at http://koolsolutions.net/products.htm
  11. keep your hands up dude, there are pleny of HSF which perform on par with TR products, that doesn't make them bad, it makes them all good. stating that TR is "the best" --- "hands down" --- shows a lack of understanding :dog:
  12. SI-120 > XP-120 inside a case. about the Zalman: check the link I posted:)
  13. # AMD’s new Heat pipe Stock cooling # Thermalright HR-01 # Thermalright SI-120 # Thermaltake Big Typhoon # Scythe NCU-2000 # Scythe Ninja # Thermalright XP-90C # Thermalright XP-90 # AMD Stock Cooling # Arctic Cooling Freezer 64 # Arctic Cooling Freezer 64 Pro # Asus X-Mars # Coolermaster Susurro # Noctua NH-U 12 # Noctua NH-U 9 # Sharkoon Red Shock # Silverstone NT02 # Scythe Samurai Z # Scythe Shogun # Thermalright XP-120 # Zalman CNPS9500CU http://www.madshrimps.be/?action=getarticle&articID=406 Enjoy; FYI: SI-120 > XP-120 > XP-90C > XP-90
  14. hello, thank you for your answer, unfortunately shipping the BIOS around is no option for me as I need to a working board now for finish testing. so a BIOS corrupting itself all by itself like that happens often on DFI NFII boards? :/
  15. I used this bios "6/19 Modded Bios With 12/18 ROMSIP " http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread...s=&threadid=789 flashed it back in July, and was working ever since; I used it for AXP heatsink review here: http://www.madshrimps.be/?action=getarticl...842&articID=213 after review stored board away; and want to re-use it now for new review and get 3 blinking lights. don't have another DFI board (NF2) in the neighbourhood.. maybe DFI can lent one for review?
  16. the board worked with the BIOS for several weeks; I did not change the BIOS at all since then
  17. Hello Angry_Games, thank you for your reply, here are my details: DFI Infinity NFII bios from http://www.dfi-street.com/bios.html have to look up which one I used, but it was working for me fine until this no-boot scenario XP2500+(-M) / XP2200+ / TB1400 ThermalrightSP-97 / TTIC NPH-x / etc.. Mushkin PC3200 LVLII / PC3700 OCZ REV2 / Corsair PC3200 XL nVidia TNT2 / Geforce 4 TI4600 / GF5900XT PSU: Silverstone EFN300 / Sharkoon 480W / Antec TrueControl 550 / GlobalWin 520W tried all combo's; no boot
  18. Hello; board was working perfectly, stored it away, now trying to power it up again; got 3 flashing num lock/scroll lock/shift lock lights; and that's about it. J8 / CMOS CLEAR / Change CPU / PSU / RAM / RAMSlot / Videocard / unplug from wall tried again after 10min/1hour. all to no avail; LEDs on keyboard keep blinking what else can I try before I have to throw away this motherboard :§
  19. you can still unlock those by blowing the L brigdes:) http://www.ripnet-uk.com/guides/blow_bridges/bridges1.shtml
  20. thanks for the nifty table! added to info thread here
  21. jmmahon I have the same problem, but different;) using PS/2 mouse corrected directly works flawlessly; hooking the board up to KVM switch, mouse stops working, even after several reboots, retries etc. no DICE
  22. I'm "he", I'm using different multipliers for the tests of course, in order to keep CPU speeds level come to think of it: crap I used a mix of multipliers going from 7.5x to 10.5x still seems my results are quite consistent with the different memories, I tested for max FSB OC speed with low multi each time (8x) for CPU stability, so clock speeds obtained are correct. however performance numbers might be of by 1-2%; these dividers and .5x MP are a real mess for A64 and the worst part of it all is the fact that even at 300HTT there is almost no performance gain when compared to running at 200HTT with tight timings; A64 does not benefit from high FSB like P4/AXP do.
  23. maybe the reviewer used a GF4 Ti4600, and maybe the CPU clock was kept near 2200Mhz, aka: no OC not sure though.. maybe this review was about the memory, not about obtaining the highest 3dmark score, it was to focus on difference in performance with memory, not VGA
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