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  1. the dfi infinity boards are some of the best out there. i haven't heard of very many people that have had problems with them unless they were DOA. they are amazing at ocing and have great features. if u want the dfi board then definitely stick with it.
  2. you'd be better off buying a book
  3. well i got to try a friends psu and it worked perfectly fine, so i just ordered a new one. the psu i have now only has 17A on the +12V rail, but i've never had a problem with it before. every time i try to start it up, the psu makes an electrical crackling noise, so that's my best guess is just that its dying.
  4. all my other power supplies are at home. i'm using the MGE vigor 500.
  5. All the lights come on and the hard drive spins up, like it normally would if it were working.
  6. Every time I go to start up my computer, it starts up for 5 seconds and then just shuts off. The light on the motherboard stays on the whole time, but i have to shut off the power supply until the light goes off to be able to try starting it up again. It has been doing this for a little while now, but it usually starts up after a couple times and now it wont at all. I tried resetting the cmos, but that didnt work either. Bad power supply maybe?
  7. Water cooling makes a big difference. He's using air. Have you used your Epox board on air with those?
  8. If you wanna get the 3.0, make sure its the 3.0C and that the stepping is SL6WK. That stepping is the good oc'er you've heard about.
  9. the abit max's i've heard are great, as well as dfi's. the xp-90 or xp-120 and a decent fan would be a better combo for cooling also.
  10. the problem with the p4c800 is voltage droop though, which is pretty bad. I think it's just your chip because that's exactly how high i had my 2.4C on an MSI board up until yesterday.
  11. Did you even read his entire post? He has it running at 178FSB. There's no way that even crappy RAM is unstable at that. flashystylez, just up the vcore one step at a time until your overclock becomes stable, then up the fsb probably 2 or 3 MHz at a time until it becomes unstable and repeat that a few times. At one point the temperatures may get too high, so make sure you watch that. I run my rig at 45C under full load. Some people like to run hotter though.
  12. The RAM is definitely NOT holding you back. It's pc3200, so it runs Stock at 200MHz.
  13. It's just the client is reading the protein wrong. It thinks that there's 2500 frames but there's only 100 frames in the p882.
  14. Maybe everyone already saw this, but Newegg is having those spring deals and they're selling 512mb patriot ram for $29.95 after rebate. http://www.newegg.com/app/viewproductdesc....-220-027&DEPA=0
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