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  1. Thanks for the great feedback guys! Indeed I think I might as well futureproof my setup and go with the PSU's suggested (better safe than sorry). In terms of the SSD, it seems like I'll hold back on that for the time being since I'm running low on cash. But hey this is the benefit from having a desktop since I can upgrade whenever I want. In regards to the MB, haha you read me like a book! The color scheme was a thought I had in mind, and with the Maximus build there definitively was some conflict. Yeah... I think'll go with the P8Z77-V Pro, heck I even get thunderbolt with that package!
  2. Oh I forgot to mention, if I purchase the Asus Maximus V Gene before the 30/11/12 I can get a Asus ROG Xonar Phoebus for free! Not that it really matters to me but is it worth considering?
  3. Thanks! I really appreciate your feedback. Other than the CPU, GFX, Mobo and case, all other aspects were recommended my a friend. I will be sure to look at the PSU's you mentioned as well as the coolers
  4. Thanks for the suggestion! I've checked the prices out and the P8Z77-V Pro is still the cheapset, the Asrock Z77 OC is the most expensive compared to this list. At least this is the case in my country lol
  5. Thanks for the tip! I actually knew that already but I think I'll go with the "K". Here in Hong Kong it's literally just an extra HKD200 ~ USD25/GBP20, so I might as well go all out
  6. Greeting all! I found that this site is great for discussing PC builds, hence I would appreciate anyone who would help me for my first gaming rig build. (note I am a complete noob to PC's) Intended use - Hardcore/Casual gaming (COD, Guild Wars, Borderlands 2, etc) - General multimedia (watching movies, occasional work with excel, etc) Initial Build Thoughts - Case: NZXT Phantom 410 (white & blue) - CPU: Intel Core i5-3570K Ivy Bridge - GFX: Asus GTX660 Ti - MB: ASUS P8Z77-V PRO (with Thunderbolt) - RAM: Mushkin 2 x 4gb - HDD: Seagate ST31000528AS (1Tb) - Power Supply: Cooler Master eXtreme Power Plus II 625W - SSD: OCZ Agility 3 60GB - Heat sink: Xigmatek cooler - DVD: Samsung DVD Burner Possible Swap outs: - MB: Asrock Fatal1ty Z77 Professional (recommended by friend) - MB: Asus Maximus V Gene (superfast gigabite LAN apparently) - MB: Asus Sabertooth Z77 (thermal armor & extra fans on MB) - GFX: Asus GTX660 Non-Ti? (save money) - Any other suggestions? Background thoughts/comments Overall I think my initial build sounds OK. The total cost of it is around HKD10,000 ~ USD1,300/GBP850 (I'm willing to go +/- 10% I guess). Other costs I'm thinking about is the purchase of a monitor, keyboard & mice, speakers, etc (which will bring my total up to around HKD13,000. I think I would like to stick around this budget. As you might see, I'm basing my build around the Z77 chipset, ready for the windows 8 upgrade. I mentioned several MB's because each have their own advantages, P8Z77-V has an onboard wifi card, Maximus for superfast connection, Sabertooth for clean tidy MB & extra fans, etc. One note to make is that I want to futureproof myself so I guess taking into consideration the overclocking abilities of the setup should be considered. Gaming wise, I guess I'll be playing the mainstream games on hopefully high/max settings at an average 60 FPS (don't mind going slightly lower). I am open to any comments about this build and hope that anyone can provide me their opinions on this build with maybe comments on upgrades, etc. I would like to thank anyone in advance for their kind comments
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