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  1. well after a long day, here are the first pictures. definately far far away from being finished..... there is enough room in both the top and bottom halves for a computer. my gaming rig with watercooling will be in the top half while my server will be in the bottom. here is the full semi-finished computer to give you a general idea of what it looks like. a drawing of the computer the base of the computer is finished already. it has hinges on it so the two halves of the computer can fold out. these are the two halves. the middle plate on one of the halves will have motherboards mounted on both sides. i love my dog well thats all for now, got to move back to college tomorrow. ill be working on this case periodicallly and ill keep yall updated once it is entirely finished, ill post the finished product in the case gallery cheers
  2. So after a long hiatus from Overclockersclub.com, I decided it would be a good idea to come back. In honor of my return (What the hell?), I'm building this weird case cube double computer idea I had not too long ago. Just thought yall would want to know
  3. oh dang, nevermind my ranting then =D
  4. never EVER use that Fluid XP .. i hate that stuff. thought it was a good idea at first and even though you can pour it on a running computer and it wont do anything, doesnt mean it wont clog up your WC setup and defeat the purpose of cooling in the first place. i put that stuff in my system and after about a week, all my tubes had turned foggy and little white flakes developed in the tubes. plus, that stuff is supposed to run hotter than deionized water. ideally, use deionized water with water wetter or antialgae. using deionized water with antifreeze wont do anything for you. alll antifreeze does is lower the freezing point of liquid. antifreeze is meant to be used in car engines where the ambient temperature is below freezing. im gonna take a wild guess and say you dont live in siberia. even if you did, a computer running at 50C would be more than enough to cancel the effects of ambient... like verran said, if you have a solid setup and make sure you check before leaks BEFORE installed the setup, you shouldnt have any problems with leaks. before you install your setup into your computer, run the setup outside of your computer. i had mine running nonstop on newspaper on my kitchen floor for about 3 days before i installed. that was last fall. no leaks yet for me....
  5. ok, so im going to a LAN in a week and pulling 3 all-nighters so i can overclock my PC to the max before i go to college. i have already successfully done a vcore and vdimm mod on my Epox 9NDA3+. proc is a AMD64 3000+ 1.8 default oced to 3.0ghz. im looking to vmod an old ATI 9600xt or a ATI 9800 PRO All in Wonder. i have watercooling to adequately cool everything so the only problem now is to find someone that knows how to vmod these. ive seen articles for the ATI 9800PRO but not the ALL in Wonder. if anyone knows where i can find a guide or knows someone that can do these, please tell me. thanks a lot.
  6. trey


    daemon tools works wonders used to use alcohol but it stopped working on my pc for some odd reason alcohol 120% is cool but you have to pay for it im sure you can find a free program out there that can extract .rar files try www.majorgeeks.com
  7. id go for the 9800pro aiw! t00t w00t el cheapo = 50$ nowadays, probably less
  8. trey

    Wow Trial

    ive been looking at playing WoW for a while now. probably gonna pick it up instores (20$ at gamestop btw). i hope my laptop can handle it because my watercooling on my big pc is screwed for a while. plus, whenever i get bored of WoW, ill hopefully have a high lvling account so i can sell to the highest bidder
  9. amazing, now he doesnt have to go to mcdonalds to get fat
  10. trey

    Xbox 360 Or Ps3?

    Ok, so i went to the Gears of War (X360) preview the other day, and im pretty convinced that im getting an 360 now however, my ps3 friends keep telling me that x360 is gonna be obsolete in 5 months anyway so why waste 400$ when you could get a much better console for 600$ whats the best X360 or PS3?
  11. i dont do that anymore get a truck, they pwn and you cant race plus you can run over things (like old ladies)
  12. agreed taz, texas law allows me to carry the knife because its not a stilleto, dirk, or gravity knife, and it's less than 5.5 inches (4inch) the cool thing about butterfly knives is if youre an idiot and you try to open a butterfly knife, you can hurt yourself or even better, kill yourself that way we dont have to live with your stupidity =)
  13. this is very close to the knife i carry around (even during school)
  14. looks more like a clown rather than a crossdresser lmao
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