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  1. I've noticed that my mouse is double clicking on occasion when I single click something. Becomes a real pain playing games like EvE and WoW. I've adjusted the click speed to the minimum and it seems to do it the most when I click and drag, after releasing the button it then double clicks. Anyone else had this problem or have any ideas to fix it?
  2. System temps are normal. Already went through two boards (Asus, MSI) and still having the problem. I've reformatted numerous times as well as having ran about 4 different anti virus programs. Also started with a brand new hard drive with a clean OS install and new memory. Problem started before I could even get my network drivers up and had no internet connection. My old XP Pro disk was bad (corrupt files on the disk, reformatted and the got stuck in an install loop) so I went ahead and installed XP64 untill Microsoft could get a new disk to me. I'm leaning towards a hardware problem but I don't have much else left to replace until it becomes a new rig lol. When I originally built this rig I had 0 problems and then one day they started (roughly 6 months ago)
  3. For the past few months I've been have some very annoying problems with my comp softlocking for up to 1 minute. It usually happens when I close a folder or program such as Ventrilo or WMP. Doesn't do it all the time but enough to bug the hell outta me. Also having some issues with it rebooting for no reason at all. I hear a click and it goes, boots up just fine though. Since the problems started I have reformatted and reinstalled Windows XP Pro several times (Currently using XP Pro 64 bit due to my disk crapping out on me), replaced the Hard Drive, RAM, Motherboard and a few other small parts. I've been thinking that it might have something to do with the Logitech G15 Keyboard of SB 24bit sound card that I installed (problems started around the time I got these) but when replacing the keyboard with a generic serial board nothing improved. System Stats: 3800 64 x2 Asus Board OCZ PC3200 2g (2x 1g) 160g WD HD ATI X1600 Pro (Hate this thing but my 7900 GT is currently in RMA) OCZ Modstream 500w Logitech G15 Keyboard (running LCD programs atm) Any suggestions or ideas on what to do?
  4. Lately my comp has been acting very strange. While in Window, if I close a Program or File Folder, the system will freeze for a good 15 seconds, also Programs are taking forever to load/close as well as long boot up and shutdown (15 minutes to shutdown one day). So I reformatted and got all new drivers, problem is still there. Also when I boot up at the bios it will hang at detecting drives. The only way around this so far is to either swap out s-ata jumpers or clear the CMOS. When playing WoW I get alot of error 132's (Bad memory refrence or something) Any suggestions on fixing this? Specs: nForce4 MSI Board AMD 3800+ X2 1gig Geil Duel Channel 120g Maxtor S-ATA Drive XP Pro
  5. Got a quick question. I have my laptop using the wireless connection through my desktop right now, and everytime I restart my desktop I have to go into the services option at start the Wireless Zero Service. Can anyone tell me how to make this service startup with windows? Its set to auto right now.
  6. Wish I could find one with the phone ports for my phone service. Could u give me a little more info in the access point?
  7. Ok, right now I have a Linksys router with the 2 phone jacks on it for my Vonage phone service. I have a Gigabyte wireless pci card that I dont use right now but it is installed in my comp. My cable location in my apartment is less than desirable so I was wondering If I could put another router in the mix. Found this at newegg. Think it will work or will I need something different?
  8. I am currently looking for a new TV but can't decide what exactly to get. I kinda leaning toward a 30-34" widescreen HDTV (CRT). I want to be able to hook my 6600 up to without the problems I've had in the past. A while back when I still had my old 27" I used the little box and S-vid that came with my card but while in windows it looked horrible and usually didn't show the whole screen no matter what rez i set it on. Now with all the HDTV's out now I was wondering if I could use one as a 2ndary monitor to play games and stuff on. I can't find a CRT TV that has a VGA input on it but most have the DV-I on em. Problem is I need this for the HD cable. So can I use the Component (RBG) for the computer or swap the HD over to that and use the DVI? Looking for something in the 1k range like This but this one doesn't have a DVI.
  9. Got one on the way, its not much better but I hope it works. It does it on all games and benchmarks but not within windows. Edit: Ok now its doing it within windows Got a TT Silent PurePower 420W on the way so I hope that works cause it will take Gigabyte a month to respond to my email.
  10. the power adapter is good, and the card is all the way in the mobo. My PSU is a 350W cooler master so could that be the problem? System Specs: Asus P4-800E Deluxe P4 Press 3.2 maxtor 120gig geil 1gig 2x 120's 1x 92
  11. Just installed my new card today and every 30 mins or so the screen will go blank for a few seconds and the come back on. Any ideas to what may be causing it?
  12. 51 Load and no OC at the moment. The temps are exactly the same as the Vantec Aeroflow (Aluminum).
  13. I have a Hyper 6 right now that doesn't really do much better than my Aeroflow. I've tried re-seating it several times but it always ends up at the same 41* Idle. I plan on changing to a HTPC Case soon and need some suggestions on a good cooler that isn't so dang tall.
  14. Ok, should I just measure from the side panel on my rig to the tip of the HS or from the Mobo tray?
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