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  1. If it will reach try connecting it to the motherboard.
  2. You should really take out that old Voodoo. Get a Geforce4 ti or a Radeon 8500 instead. You'll be getting much better graphics. Sorry, can't help with overclocking though.
  3. My current hard drive is a UDMA-100 based one. Well it work with an ata-100 or ata-133 or do i need a different mobo?
  4. My bro's Compaq computer is a 1.6ghz and he wanted me to overclock it, only problem is it seems there is no bios. Any suggestions or should I just get a new mobo? Also I have a 1.6 too and was wondering how fast I could run it stably if anyone has any idea. Also neither are northwood cores.
  5. I don't think you should get the radeon 8500 LE. The Geforce4 ti4200 coming out later this month is much better. It's even better than the regular Radeon 8500 128mb. It will be about $200. All the rest of your specs look pretty good.
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