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  1. it should have dropped more than that over the OEM hsf. you want to try out some AS5 if you can, that should help. also make sure that its a very thin layer of goop that your putting down. more doesnt transfer heat better.
  2. some guy came into my store today with a 300GB maxtor one touch 2 external drive and asked me how much i would give him for it. now normally we dont buy parts from people but it was still in the shrink wrap and wasnt damaged, at least from the outside. im like ok hold on let me see what i pay for them. so i called one of my vendors and got a price $215. the guy told me that he paid $300 for it. i told him that he was talking to the wrong person to sell to becuase i get stuff at cost. he says "how about $50". hooked it up works great, cheap butt drive. im one happy person.
  3. Seth_Man


    thats a pretty cool score man, yesterday i went to my doctor yesterday at his new office at 1337 smith st.
  4. that is a rip off, your paying about $350 too much assuming they dont switch parts on your when they build it. but for general office use it looks ok.
  5. i had an audigy for a few days, JUNK. got a turtle beach catalina instead, now thats a great sound card.
  6. i agree, im into cars about as much as computers. both are modded quite a bit.
  7. to many cylinders for me. nice though
  8. i cant really tell from the pictures but it looks like a propritary psu they have in there. if it is then your gonna do some cutting to get a new one in there.
  9. i would go for the SATA because of the cable size but it wouldnt get a plextor, to much money when a lite-on drive is only $60
  10. sure ill be there in a little while
  11. to many holes, you didnt cover any acts of god like, lightning strikes or any other power problems or what would void their warranty. if you want i can email you a copy of the one i use at my store and you can just change the company name. my dad is a contract lawyer for cox communications i had him write it up for me a few years ago when i opened.
  12. http://service1.symantec.com/SUPPORT/ghost...001032917165825
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