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  1. thanx scottike... useful info and has helped loads.
  2. i and probably a few others out there have a motherboard with heatpipes and heatsinks.. Here is mine now i know the way heatsinks work is by the heat turning the liquid into gas then it raises up the pipes to the heatsinks where it cools back to liquid and runs down etc etc. Now my question is would it make a difference what way up you positioned your motherboard as you can get cases where the motherboard is the other way up and i was thinking that surely if you put any motherboard with heatsink only cooling in that way up you are gonna heat up your chipsets. if it doesnt really affect it, would mounting the motherboard in any orientation matter much?? left, right right way up or upside down? thanx
  3. i played crysis for just over 2 hours and temps never went over 54'C, well motherboard was 56'C. my pc is on pretty much all the time and the room gets a little warm at night so.. was just making sure thats all.. thanx
  4. hey all, I have a phenom II x2 545 and i think my temps are high, though im not sure.. the cooler i am using is a zalman CNPS9900 NT. case is a jeantech unicorn with 1x120mm fan pullin air in, 1x90mm pulling air in and 1x120 pushing it out. only wire mesh grills, no air filters. CPU idle reads @ 38'C to 39'C. motherboard @ 40'C. all running at stock speeds... are my temps average or they a little high?
  5. hi all,decided to treat myself by upgrading from this old prescott to go a bit further up the hardware chain.. parts are arriving today and i have been reading some not so good stories with processor - motherboard combination. heres whats comming (will also be running 2X 9600GSO Fatal1ty's in SLi mode) 1: OCZ ModXStream Pro 700w Silent SLI Ready Modular Power Supply
  6. hi all, am on a really tight budget so i brought one of these 9600 GSO I know its not all that but i got it very cheap. its the 768meg version @ 192bit. just wondering what it will run game wise. when i have the money i will upgrade better, i got this for
  7. hi all.. just wondering if someone out there could find out for me if this motherboards bios is upgradeable and if it would run maybe a dual core? thanx.. mobo is from a advent T3906. its a msi ms-7091 ver2 supports ddr2 has pci-exp 16 x 1 3.4ghz prescott heres a pic of it on ebay ms-7091 v2 on ebay so if any of you pros can find out if the bios can be upgraded to allow dual core, or maybe it already supports dual core?? thanxs all
  8. yeah the power supply is already in his system i built about 6 months ago, just upgraded it with his b-day moneys. i know the power supply is a cheap mass produced unreliable piece of junk but his next upgrade is a monitor and the power supply, i just did the best with what i could 6 months ago with
  9. Ok a quick post... little while ago i did my brother a cheap build and for his birthday he has upgraded a few components.. his new graphics card video card question is will this power suppl run his system ok, i know its a budget supply but for now its all he has. power supply rest of system 1 sata 320gig hard drive mATX ABIT A-N68SV GeForce 7025 Socket AM2+ motherboard 4 gig ocz platinum 800ddr2 AMD Athlon 64 LE-1620 SKT AM2 2.4 GHz 1x dvdrw optaric so not a large power consuming system but wondering if u teky guys can tell me if it will run for now. thanx all..
  10. haha.. i only seen this case once b4. i dont know if u guys know the linear guy who does mods. he has a tutorial page too. and one of the pc's he did was the same case too have more updates on their way mainly painting though.. priming etc post pics as soon as i can
  11. the problem with not starting up seems to me like u had ntune to remember you OC settings and re apply them on startup.. maybee. but im not a big overclocker so im not sure.. but i know someone will..
  12. hey bill and all at mnpctech.. i been watchin this one closely.. and have been waiting impatiently for this next video and all others untill finished.. im lovin your projects.. and this ones comming up amazing so far.. u guys are a great inspiration to the modding industry.. keep up your good werk..
  13. see now i know u can overclock the pentium but i dont see paying that for a chip when i can spend the same on an amd at the overclocked pentium speed.. its the same price.. but i have sacrificed some of the modding parts to give me a lil more budget. i am going with this power supply power supply and this ram for an extra $10 or so and its Cas latency is 4 instead of 5 on the above set g skill 2x1gig
  14. i wish i had the means to help. but i have some old parts that would fit.. i have a few sticks of 256meg pc-100, i think some pc-133 too and a old processor that might fit too.. didnt mean to tease the thought of some better parts.. just cant get them shipped. i live in the middle of nowhere.. lol but good luck with the cleansing process, it was real nice of you to help those folks.
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