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  1. I have that same cooler and it fits perfectly in the front of my Corsair Air 540. I love that case design. If you have the space, then get a Thermaltake Core X9 and you can fit three of those if you want lol
  2. Dungeons & Dragons: Daggerdale maybe?
  3. Last thing I can think about is trying the old power supply. Something similar happened to a co-worker and after some testing we figured that the PSU was not supplying enough juice to the video card.
  4. How did you figure that USB is not working? Just curious since there is no video. Couple of things to consider: - what PCIe slot are you using? Top one or bottom one? I'm talking about the blue slots. - in the BIOS, is there a setting for PCIe? What is it set to? - how are you connecting the monitor to the card? HDMI, DP or DVI? Is it the same cable you are using for the 6950? - with the R9 390 connected, if you connect the monitor to the mobo's HDMI, do you get video or no?
  5. The MSI Z97M supports M.2 SATA III and M.2 PCIe 2.0 x2. It would be a waste to pop the Samsung 950 Pro in there. Get a Patriot or a Crucial M.2 SATA III for example and save your cash for something else.
  6. Why not 3??? I agree with Waco. I would've ordered 10 or so and made lots of people happy next Xmas lol.
  7. Friendly advice: make sure to check what your motherboard's M.2 slot is compatible with. They are not all the same. The M.2 drives capable of crazy speeds are M.2 PCIe x4. The M.2 SATA III drives are similar in performance to regular SSDs.
  8. Wesstron

    Hello OCC

    Welcome to OCC Are you building a gaming rig?
  9. Check PM. I'm in your area so it should be easy! And I get to meet a fellow OCC-Canuck lol
  10. Nice build and great choice of components. But why not go with a nicer, more up to date chassis? I still have my HAF932 and love that tank of a case lol,but there are better options out there. Unless you are going for that specific look.
  11. So any luck? Sorry M8 but this must be the longest shot I've seen in a long time lol
  12. Here are Techspot's GTX 950 numbers. Does it make more sense now? http://www.techspot.com/review/1049-nvidia-geforce-gtx-950/page7.html
  13. Hello OCC, I have a LNIB MSI GTX 780 Ti Gaming 3G card that's in desperate need of a new home. The card is slightly used, just a few hours on it, and of course comes with the original packaging and all accessories. Asking $270 USD shipped to USA/Canada. Cheers,
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