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  1. Hey folks, So I have quite the issue right now. I installed Nvidia drivers for my geforce 6800 gt. It went well, I used a script that was online to take care of it, it was basically a point and click and I think i found the script in these forums. Anyway, I adjusted the resolution to 1280 x 1024, my lcds native resolution. It mentioned how some things wernt set up in the config file to properly display everything, yet it still worked fine. So I rebooted my machine, this is hours after I was working on a final paper of mine, and of course, now the xserver wont boot and whats worse, it takes me to a blank screen where I cannot do a single thing.. This paper is quite important, while I do have most of it saved in windows, which I am running in right now, i am still missing a big portion. My O/S is the latest Ubuntu Thank you for any help you can provide.
  2. So i reformatted, took out the sound card prior, used the onboard sound, and things are still messed up....i just dont know...any ideas?
  3. Hey guys, So...i put in an audigy 2 value sound card a few days ago, and im not sure if it has anythying to do with it but now all of my computer games (Sim City 4, UT2K4, BF2, etc.) freeze up every 2 seconds for about 10 seconds each time. I cant play anything at all and im not sure what the problem is. I tried updating the sound drivers, tried switching the sound card to a different PCI slot but still no help. Does anyone have any ideas to what the problem might be? Is it time for yet another format? Im trying to stay away from formatting cause im low on disk space on all of my hard drives and its such a pain to move everything elsewhere thanks for any help guys.
  4. well i dont have WEP or WPA turned on mainly because i am not sure how to fully utilize them. however i have a setting in my router which doesnt let any MAC connect to it except my laptops MAC
  5. Hey everyone, i was wondering if anyone knew the answer to my problem. My laptop and desktop keep getting error messages that say it has an IP address conflict with another machine, but here is the problem, all the IPs in my house are static, and DHCP is off. This hinders my connection to the internet only slightly but still is a pain in the arse. other machines in my house dont have this problem BUT, here is my special case which may be causeing issues for reasons i dont know why..... there are 3 machines connected to the router which is hard wired, they have no problems. my laptop is connected to the router wirelessly, now because of distance, and because i dont feel like drilling holes into my garage, my desktop has a cross-over connected to the laptop, and the laptop serves as a bridge for the desktop to go onto the wireless to the router (i dont have money to buy a wireless NIC right now, plus with this setup i find it a waste of money anyways) what do u suppose the problem is? oh another detail is, my router is on the one end of the house where the cable modem is in the basement, and my laptop and desktop is in the garage on the other side, this causes the laptop to have a very low connection to the wireless... do u suppose that the wireless gets disconnected then reconnects so fast that the router doesnt have time to know what happend, so there would be a phantom computer(s), ie. the IPs that my laptop and desktop has before the router realizes its the same machines? thanks for any help guys.
  6. Location: Buffalo, NY Price: $2.33 regular, $2.09 regular at the indian reservation Gallon
  7. Happy Irish Day everyone at OCC
  8. yeah you def. dont want to have one huge partition, that just isnt right..... if you have a 200 i would go with what JerrDogg77 said or create 2 80s and 1 40gb
  9. i for one would def. love to see some pics and stuff... it would also be a nice add-on to overclockersclub.com IMHO to have some sort of review or how-to or something of that nature posted by an OCC member about something like this.... i mean...this is what we are all about...cooling the cpu so cold that we can nearly go to the impossible lengths to reach the best OC
  10. this is what i ABSOLUTLY HATE!!!!!! when i go to reformat, i have 4 HDDs, i want Windows XP installed on my one SATA drive. BUT, if i have all of them powered up and connected, Windows intelligently wants to re-label all my drives with different letters, so instead of XP installed on C, its installed on E or something....which i HATE, i want my system drive to be C....plus...i cant have two partitions on my system drive when i format because one of two things happen, either loading time will take 10 min. for the computer after install OR i cant reformat the other partition because windows for some reason uses it as part of C even though they are two seperate partitions. So what i HAVE to do is unplug all my HDDs except the one i want windows to install on, and then use partition magic after the install to resize the partition so i can make my system drive 15gb, and the rest for whatever i choose PAIN IN MY ARSE
  11. they dont look fully assembled...where are the chips? haha EDIT: oh wait...i see them now...good call
  12. alright, for us older guys, we know, this is an ancient card, made by an ancient (and dead) manufacturer. BUT I threw together a pretty good computer for my sisters as a second computer for them so they stop fighting, but, I stupidly put my old video card in their main rig, which has board video, and now my sister is used to its excellence in video games. So this second has no video card, and i just happend to see this card laying around in my closet, so i poped it in, and guess what? Windows XP doesnt have any drivers for it. And when I go to its official site (which is actually owned by another company now and once they purchased Hercules, they stopped support for their cards), so the card only has drivers for Win 95, 98, and NT 4.0....i tried the drivers that were there, but they wouldnt install, makes sense. My question is (untill a computer show pops up in my town when im around) is there any type of drivers i could try that would work with the video card? To be honest, it works just fine, 1024x768, 32bit color. The only problem is, it skips when stuff moves on the screen, so it makes it look like the computer is REALLY slow, but in fact its just the video card not being able to handle the graphics. Under manage it shows the video card under unknown hardware. I could lower the rez and bit to see if that helps, but i was wondering if VESA drivers or something would help it work better...or something else? thanks guys
  13. i think whats the most funny out of all this is the replies to this thread haha
  14. well. isnt there a problem with that, what happends if the solder hits another wire or the bigger problem... i thought MBs now a days have different levels where electricity flows, so wouldnt the capacitor have to be soldered into a certain level for it to work right?
  15. hmmm...thats a good call right there.. no i just put it in place because at the time, i didnt have a soldering iron
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