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  1. dude are the songs suppose to be playing on the site cuz a window pops up and says if i want do download it and thats not helping
  2. k i have been looking on google for months but i still havent found this, i have a xanga account, i cant only play music on there if i find the url of the song, since i dont have my own site to host the songs i have to look online for em, after like month of searching i found one of the songs i would want to play (the song was ALL THINGS ORDINARY - BY THE ANNIVERSARY) on this site www.rockkansas.com, that is the only site i have found so far that streams music and enables me to play music on my xanga. now this is the problem, i need to find sites that stream other songs and stuff, do u guys know any sites that stream music like that or that let me host music for free??? or any other way that i can stream music on theree???
  3. wow greg, really,i though in the benchmarks the x800XT owned the 6800U, so like for the price of 500$ shouldnt we get x800XT without even thinking about the 6800U?
  4. omg u guys its just a bunch if files, its not a freaking game like a million others said, its like all those files that u need to run hl2, its so stupid and pointless, my god when it comes out u guys will still have to purchase the game and trust me if i want i can reserve it at gamestop and the day it comes out i will be playing at the time u guys r downloading and trying to get it to work throught steam (we all know new games always act stupid when loading first time on steam) and yeah just so u guys know the only reason valve started this whole "pre-load" thing is so people can get even more excited about the game, lol i m gonna stop talking beforre i turn this thread into mine by talking about the conspiracy and mysteries of hl2, lol
  5. idk about halo2 having better graphics than hl2 but still the game looks badass and its multiplayer makes me beat myslef for giving my xbox, i thought the graphics for halo on xbox were awesome but when i got that game for my pc idk y hated the graphics, the genral dude looks like he has a cube stuck in his face and bobs his cubed head to much so idk what microsoft will do.and hl2 dude its a mystery god knows wat improvements they r making, but that cd thing that u get when u pruchase cs:cz, the videos for hl2 graphics look amazing , like the way they were showing wat looks like wood breaks like wood and wat looks like an empty barrel falls like an empty barrel so that was pretty cool. i really dont want to but i cant wait until its out. and does anyone have an estimated price for that thing cuz i thought doom3 was gonna be $50 at the start and then become $40 but now its still $45 at sams club and circuit city but like $55 at the gamestop and eb games,. P.S. u can download those hl2 graphic and gameplay videos at fileplanet.com and get the fan made video cuz then u hear this dude explaining everything.
  6. yeah dude idk much about graphic cards but if u look at the benchmarks the 5900XT (wat i have for the moment) beats the 9600 and yeah Greg the 9800 cant run far cry at full settings and its obvious doom3 has better graphics than far cry so i dont think it can run close to full settings. and yeah the 6800 is pretty cool for $283 and it comes with a copy of far cry so its like the best card on the market and i think i beats the 9800XT on 3dmark03 but yeah the X800XT rules them all but hey not all of us have $500 laying around for something that makes our games look nice, lol i would rather save that money and get hollister, express and abercrombie & fitch clothes to make me look nice. B)
  7. lol so true, its pretty [email protected]$$ but yeah its not gonna sell out good cuz of its crazy price...
  8. but its close to the x800 right and better than the ALMIGHTY 6800.
  9. yeah silverfox dude i think ur right, i was getting into games so much i forgot about the sunlight and this one girl i like, i forgot about the life without my pc and xbox...
  10. k there i was killing all the CTs and then som1 moron started talking crap about NVIDIA and i really like their 6800s and i m planning on buying one and then we kept on arguing about the ATI and NVIDIA cards and of course i dont know anything about the megapixels and the pipes and the cips and the fps and the color and watever u guys know about the details of graphic cards . so we were just arguing stupidly until he said that ATI is going to come out with some X??? (he didnt know the numbers). and he said that just like NViDIA is coming out with the 6600 that r cheaper but still not bad and they almost have the power of the 6800, ATI is coming out with a graphic card that is really close to being as good as the x800pro and its price is going to be around 300$ and i was like !!!!!! no way and he was like yes way !!! and then i had to eat so i just left the game on and by the time i got back i got kicked out for talking so long. k the whole point of this post is that do u guys know about that card that dude was talking about cuz i looked everywhere but couldnt find a thing about it. hmmm i wonder if he was lieng... and yeah those of u wondering its true every post i ever posted has a question mark and an exclamation mark, so i can get ur attetion
  11. wow i like that word "underground networks" it sounds all undergroundish and dudes is counter stike:source coming free with hl2 cuz i think thats wat i heard and u know wat i think it really should be cuz then there will be 3 versions of the same freaking game the only things that will be different are the graphics and texturs and is c3 going to have a story mode cuz didnt they say that cs:cz was going to have that???
  12. oo yeah dude thats a no brainer, even though psp looks and is [email protected]$$ the hige price tag will make anyone who wasnt a nintendo fan buy the nintendo DS and even if people buy the psp the lil mini awesome looking gaming discs that u have u buy i highly doubt it that they r any cheaper than a normal console game, i think i speak for every1 when i say nintendo DS will for sure win this protable war. (i dont like any nintendo game except mario and veiwtiful joe and i would personally rather get the psp instead of the ds but i doubt it other people will) man it would be soooo awesome if xbox makes a handheld with the equal power of xbox,,, hmm i wonder how can u fit all that in a lil thing...
  13. wow dude i m sad i couldnt grab me a copy of playable hl2 on the net, and does anyone have a guess on how long will those hackers be in jail for... i feel bad for them, cuz people would think that they r hididng behind their comps and they can like say and do stuff to poeple with the mask of internet and never be caught but as quickly those hackers got caught makes me wonder.... Man if ur a gamer and ur fellow gamer puts out a game on the net that u have been crazy about to play, would u just contact the authoroties and tell on the fellow gamer????? i dont think i would,
  14. k this is a lil off topic on wat u guys r talking about but on topic with the thread topic. yeah i confused myself too. so yeah about the microsoft - nintendo thing , microsoft has some deal going on to get 2d halo on gameboy and yes i mean side scroller halo on gameboy, so idk that mgiht have something to do with it, and dudes if microsoft wanted it could buy sony (dont forget halo2 and their other games) they rnt really making much money their new products mostly sit on market and not enough adverstisement to buy em out and their VAIOs yeah not that profitable, right now i think nintendo can buy sony :sarcasm:
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