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  1. Heck our Minister of Economy is an ex Valve economist , i'm waiting for free hardware upgrades and steam sale coupons On topic now , i'm thinking of grabbing that Lightning for 330
  2. My 670 is running at stock clocks , autoboost to 1070 . The 7970 is a 680 with 3GB of VRAM so it should perform admirably better than my 2Gig 670
  3. To be honest the 970 won't perform as good at 1440p . Plus after the 3.5GB VRAM scandal exploded i'm really sceptical about getting one. Heck , Shadow of mordor eats up 4gigs of VRAM at 1080p. The G1 970 goes for 400
  4. Well , a brand new 290X Lightning goes for 400+ euros , a brand new 970 goes for 350+ euros . My PSU was recommended from two cables of overclock.net. Yeah if you're going to spend 330 euros for a used 290X then I'd say spend the extra for the GTX970....I feel bad for you guys over there The G1 970 goes for 400
  5. Well it's like getting an 290x Lightning for 250$. Still overpriced?
  6. Well , a brand new 290X Lightning goes for 400+ euros , a brand new 970 goes for 350+ euros . My PSU was recommended from two cables of overclock.net.
  7. Is that confirmed or just speculation rumors?
  8. A mate is selling his 3 month old 290x Lightning for 330
  9. I'm mostly of a Moba , RPG , MMO RPG gamer , not really into FPS or competitive FPS , so , 1440p?
  10. Well , i'm buying from this site www.skroutz.gr , with a budget of 500
  11. I'm in a real dilemma here , should i buy a 24" 144Hz monitor or go for 1440p? Depending on the monitor i will either buy a 970 or a 980 respectively , it's 700
  12. Well i don't know about the states , but here in Europe , a decent monitor such as the U2713HM , costs around 500 quint.
  13. With the rise in popularity of 4k gaming and the constant price drops of 4k monitors and\or the creation of budget ones , do you guys think that the prices on 1440p monitors will drop in 2015? I'm asking this because i got the upgrade itch , going from a 670-->970 and from 1080p-->1440p . Should i wait out for the newer gen cards like the 390 and nvidias answer to that as well as some hypothetical price reductions on 1440p monitors due reasons explained above?
  14. First of all , i'd like to thank everyone for chiming in , i decided to save up for a month or so and get a brand new Ultrasharp U2713HM along with my 970 , plus there might be some holiday discount once we get into holiday season ^_^
  15. I guess so , then the correct question would be " is the Dell worth the risk or should i go with the new LG"
  16. The only thing holding me back is that it's used and i have to pay shipping to bring it all the way across the country , meaning i don't get to inspect it before i buy it.
  17. Hello everyone , i'm in a dilemma , i finally decided to upgrade from my crappy 1080p monitor , the thing is , i found a used U2713HM with 9 more months of warranty for 300 euros OR i can buy a brand new LG 29UM65 for 330 euros , the GPU i'll be using is a 970 ( chich will be bought along with the monitor) .
  18. Yeah , i did a full clean and reinstall of windows , now it's working fine , still don't get what went wrong the first time though.
  19. Yeah , the C is inside my SSD , but when i run it from within the SSD , the program installs fine without any errors.Also new weird thing came up , error when updating windows , i check to see which updates are needed and they are just blank , but when i go back to the update page it has 3 updates selected.
  20. I did as instructed , 100% health and 0,0% damaged blocks. Example of error when trying to run Ventrillo from the downloads folder located on HDD
  21. Ok i created a Program FIles 86 folder and the problem still persists , when i try to run let's say the Ventrillo installer from inside the HDD it says " corrupt install" .
  22. No i didn't make a x86 program files folder .I just unplugged my HDD , installed the OS to the SSD , pluged the HDD back on , formatted it , and just tried installing some programs on it , funny thing is , i could install steam on the first day , but ever since , i've been getting errors whenever i try to install anything. Sidenote i put the location of all my downloads , pictures , documents , to be on the HDD instead of SSD.
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