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  1. guys on every monitor software i tried my power consumption under load is 28-36% (gpu z, msi afterburner, evga precision x..) I am testing this videocard on an old system with coreduo e8400, 4gb corsair ram single channel and gigabyte GA-X48-DQ6 supporting pcie 2.0, explain me if is normal or not I used unigine heaven 3.0 basic settings maxed to test it under load and i cant go above 110 mhz gpu clock and 200mhz memory clock thx in advance for your time
  2. Thx all for your advices, i have a question: in your opinion (considering 4 years) are better 2 sapphire 7970 ghz Vapor x or 2 Asus gtx670 DCII ?
  3. Approximate Purchase Date: 23-27 October Budget Range: 3000-3200 euros System Usage from Most to Least Important: gaming video watching office working Parts to Upgrade: Monitor: Benq XL2420T CPU: Intel Core I5 3570k Mainboard: Gigabyte G1 Sniper 3 Keyboard: Corsair K90 VideoCard: 2*Asus Gtx 670 DCII/ Sapphire 7970 ghz vapor x (sli/cf) Ram: Corsair DDR3 1600Mhz 4*4gb Cas 7 low profile SSD: 2*Ocz Vertex 4 256Gb (Raid 0) Storage: 2* Seagate Barracuda 14.1 7200Rpm 1Tb Sata 6gb (Raid 0) Case: CoolerMaster Cosmos II PSW: Corsair AX850 plus Gold CPU Fan: Noctua Nh-d14 Gaming Headset: Steelseries Siberia V2/Roccat Kave 5.1 Overclocking: Yes Your Monitor Resolution: 1920*1080 Every 4,5 years i am usually upgrading my pc changing all the parts, this time i will keep my naga mouse, the steelseries mousepad and 2.1 logitech. My main Goal is play at 100fps all games i didn't play til now (Mass effect 3,Batman Arkham City, Battlefield 3, Crysis 2 etc etc) and all the future games for at least 3 years. If at a point i will have to sacrifice some graphic details to keep the game running smooth at 100hz i will do that Main Reasons for this thread: need advice about compatibility and synergy among the parts i have chosen. Thx in advance for your time Christian
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