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  1. Hello Guys, My post won't be oif much help, but instead, I sek help from you experienced guys. I recently purchased Tt esports shock One 5.1ch virtual surround headsets. DTS surround sensation is used to provide virtual surround. But when I turn on surround, I can't tell in a game where the bullet is coming from. All that DTS surround does is to produce a decent ECHO effect which I don't like until I get the surround effect. I short, I have NO 5.1ch surround effect. I have disabled my realtek drivers and use the supplied Tt drivers. Headsets are USB driven. I spent 100$ on thjis and now, I am stuck as the sole purpose of buying these is defeated. If there is any way (ANY) that i can get the surround feel, please do let me know. Your support will be well appreciated. Thanks, Mohit.
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