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    Project CARS

    Hi there, not sure if this can be interesting to you guys but theres a competition going on @ pCARS where you can win some Thrustmaster gear including a T500RS. Win Cool Thrustmaster Gear With Project CARS Slightly Mad Studios & Thrustmaster have just kicked off the newest Project CARS Thrustmaster Hot Lap Competition where everyone can win cool Thrustmaster gear including steering wheels, gamepad controllers and more! All participants of the competition have the chance to win one of the prizes, you don
  2. Bruno Alexandre

    Project CARS

    Yes, conditions already affect gameplay and once the new tire model is fully implemented it is expected to react as it should, aquaplaning will happen naturally in rainy conditions. The current weather system also affects the tires and brake temperatures, so a summer race at 1pm will cause the tires to heat up faster than a race during the winter at the same time, it is dependant on the geographic position of each track. There will be visor effects, they actually shown us @ the forums some videos of how it will look and it will be pretty amazing since the water dropplets react as they should in real life. Theres some water droplets already on the chassis but very wip. I cant show the videos of the effects since they are still internal, the devs havnt gave permission yet to show it. Theres a new video out by Jonz (a community member) showing the new weather and wet track effects! vimeo.com/51899502
  3. Bruno Alexandre

    Project CARS

    New weather effects added ingame ! <br>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5JucfRBO6mQ&hd=1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mOyrBmx31ms&hd=1<br><br>
  4. Bruno Alexandre

    Project CARS

    Digiprost, a community member, just released a video of his own, showcasing Project CARS. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=viomxFRyYxc&hd=1
  5. Bruno Alexandre

    Problem with 6950: games freezes for few seconds

    It could be the antialiasing also that you are using, we had some players with similar issues when using MSAA8x.
  6. Bruno Alexandre

    Project CARS

    No, they wont be included due to the high demands in terms of processing power required to be able to handle 32 cars physics. Its just impossible with any current generation hardware to handle it. There will be some deformation on the cars but nothing as detailed as rig of rods.
  7. Bruno Alexandre

    Project CARS

    Thank you but beware that i do not work for the developers im a community member with alot of passion for the work the developers have done and the whole concept behind Project CARS and willing to help them out the best way possible.
  8. Bruno Alexandre

    Project CARS

    Thank you for the support
  9. Bruno Alexandre

    Project CARS

    Its understandable, i think the fact that you can follow a game progress since the beginning (instead of having beta of a game fully developed), being able to talk directly to the developers and get feedback in return is something new for the new generation of gamers and might cause some mixed feelings in terms of opinion about the game. I appreciate your comment about the game, if you want some pictures or more info just say so. I will be around again in aprox 6 hours, time to sleep
  10. Bruno Alexandre

    PCIe 3.0

    Hmm thats pretty sweet but the difference seems to happen only when using higher resolutions.
  11. Bruno Alexandre

    Mass Effect 3

    Sweet, another game for me to reinstall
  12. Bruno Alexandre

    Project CARS

    Hi guys, Im a community member from Project CARS, just registered in order to clear any doubts or questions you might have about the game. I also appreciate the news @ OCC. The deformation you seen in the videos arent yet done in most of the cars, currently only the Caterham R500 and the Audi A4 TDM have proper deformations since they are models in a already advanced stage in development, heres a picture of a caterham R500 after a race. The game is meant to be a Racing Simulator, no matter what you hear around the web thats what SMS is targeting to achieve. Yes they made Shift and Shift 2 Unleashed but in this case they developed what EA asked for, not what they wanted to and this is one of the reasons why they decided to start this project. Recently there were some good critics about the physics from the guys at Inside Sim Racing in a early version of the game that you can watch here from 12:30 onward. Any questions or doubts im here to help.