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  1. When I first looked at that picture I thought that I was looking at the 4th pin, but I see my mistake now. I'm new to tall of this so I just wanted to be sure. Thanks for your help guys. I'll buy a fan controller when I can afford to.
  2. A few days ago I purchased a Delta PFB1212UHE-F00 fan for my Megahalems. The fan arrived today and I'm wondering if it's safe to plug in this fan in the way I'm thinking. Before you reply please read what I have to say, and look at the fan's specs and pictures here. The fan moves at 5500 RPM and pushes around 252.85 CFM of air, it's also 120mm and consumes 4.80A of power. I see the fan has two connectors. From what I can tell the fan is powered via a molex power connector which goes straight to the PSU. The second cable is a 3-pin fan connector with only a blue cable for PWM control. My question is this: Can I safely connect the 3-pin fan connector into my motherboard's CPU fan header to control the speeds, and power the fan using the molex connector? Furthermore, is this how it's expected to be done? Or do I require a dedicated fan controller? At this point I really urge anyone reading this to look closely at the pictures and refer to my previous description of the cables. I'm new to overclocking and cooling in general, but after doing the research I see no reason why this shouldn't work. Of course, I don't want to be wrong in my assumptions and melt my CPU fan header and put over $3,000 of hardware at risk. Any help would be appreciated.
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