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  1. Wasamada?!?!?!? No Elite Force (or Elite Force 2 for when it comes out)? EF is the best FPS. Period. Exclamation Point. Asterik. Tic-tac-toe sign. /me waves to the men in white suits with a nice jacket and big truck in his drive way.
  2. k, i have a question. Who makes the Alienware-style case? Where can I find them? I've been thinking of building a new PC to replace my DELL which sux (I have a 500Mhz P3). Thx, TeJarz
  3. tejarz


    maybe i can dig up my dad's old PI 90MHz that he upgraded to 200MHz (Evergreen) and hook that up so i can have 2 computers running SETI at once! Maybe I can install my old Rage 128 and try to over clock that. I'm seein' some heatsinks, some fans, maybe even a Linux install. Now if I could somehow get a usb card installed (grrrrr i'll have to install my Win98 copy onto the computer, and forget to upgrade my Dell to XP) and get it on the phoneline network set up at my house. This could be fun TeJarz
  4. tejarz


    Anyone find anything big using [email protected]? Just wonderin. TeJarz and wheres my globe? edit 2: i think i just found something
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