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  1. Thanks again. I enjoyed the article calling these types of PUPs "crap-ware." I could go on a long long rant on all of the other articles calling "conduit" harmless (*cough cough BULL SHIT! cough*) but that would be preaching to the choir on this forum. But for a more sincere question, let me ask this. I had been using "Advanced System Care" for a long time, and decided it was probably time to try something else (it would tell me after one scan it could not fix my system unless I paid for the pro version, which I was considering, but then it would tell me after the next scan I was at 100% clean) So I went to CNET, and saw the editors were recommending "Wise Care 365" over "Advanced System Care.". I loaded this, and this was around the time I picked up "conduit". I then decided to download "Ad-Aware" (another software I used to trust a lot) and picked up another PITA "secured2,lavasoft.com". I actually had to remove "Ad-Aware" to get that one to go away. I also removed "Wise Care 365", but I am thinking the issue was more with CNET than with the Wise Care. So my question is, what are the good PC cleaners out there, and are any of them worth upgrading to the paid product (I am definitely willing to shell out $20-$30 for a good product that isn't putting crap-ware on my machines.) Thanks!! Joey
  2. Thank you General Chaos, Thank you Braegnok, and THANK YOU OVERCLOCKERS CLUB!!!! The only place I trust to download from has been CNET, and now I feel this place is the last and final place I can trust on the internet. I did a little searching after going through the fix and reading this thread, and found this from yesterday: http://www.billhartzer.com/pages/cnet-downloads-now-come-with-a-bonus-unwanted-programs-and-spyware/ I haven't had a browser hijacked in many years now. I really want to believe that CNET was somehow hijacked against their knowledge, and that the net is over-reacting. It looks like this has been going on several months, and I don't see any apologies on the CNET home page. And the saddest part of it all, is the main software I get from CNET is software that is supposed to clean up PCs, and I trust CNET editors to lead me to the softwares with the highest ratings. Is there anywhere else on the net to trust for downloading PC cleaning software? Thanks again.
  3. is linux live CD a software? Is there a software/freeware that if I am backing up a mass of files (that might take several hours), and the machine crashes in the middle of the copy, I could reboot and finish the backup file copy/paste where it left off?
  4. What if I just want to copy all of the files off of a machine? We are unlikely ever to use the machine again, because it is old, and it tends to overheat/freeze up after its been on for a while. And we are probably never going to put any new files on it? Thanks!
  5. What is a good software (preferably freeware) for backing up masses of windows files, for example, I would just like to copy the entire c:\ drive onto an external drive. (As most of you know, if you just copy and paste with windows it stalls with pop up questions all the time....) Thanks!!! Joey
  6. Hi OCC, I got a new laptop from my company (a Dell Latitude Semi-Rugged) and I find the mouse touch-pad on the machine to be horrible. I had an older machine (a Panasonic Toughbook) where for years I used the mouse touch-pad extensively with no issues. However, on the Dell it stops, it sticks, it jumps, and I can't get it to go where I need it and its driving me nuts. However, when I plug in an external mouse, the external mouse works fine. (But I don't like taking the external mouse everywhere, and I have trouble using it when travelling.) And even worse, when I take it to our IT department, they can't find any issues with it, so they think I am crazy. (They have played extensively with the sensitivity settings, but it doesn't help when I start trying to use it like I am used to.) So my question, is there any tools out there, like a obstacle course game, not a difficult game, but requires quick and precise mouse movements and clicks, so I can show its easy to play the game on an external mouse, but impossible if they try to play the game on this crappy mouse touch-pad? Or any thoughts of how to demonstrate this touch-pad is junk? THANKS!!!
  7. Greetings! Can anyone in this forum recommend a good web backup storage service? Preferably somewhere to back up documents and files in case of destroyed or stolen laptop, or broken hard drive? Thanks very much in advance!!! Joey
  8. Windows Vista Home Premium, Service Pack 2 Internet Exporer 9, Version 9.0.8112.16421 (Update Versions 9.0.7) I appreciate any ideas, its driving me nuts!!!
  9. I was troubleshooting connection problems on internet explorer today by removing add-ins (we were not able to connect to any site.) Now we can connect to sites, but just about everytime we open up a new page, I get a windows pop up saying: (Explorer Logo) Script Error [window title] (Big Exclamation Point in Yellow Triangle) An error has occured in the script on this page. (Then a bunch of data that is different for every web page, wish I knew how to paste a sample into this email.) Do you want to continue running scripts on this page? [Yes] [No] --- and browsing is otherwise normal, except every time I click to a new page this comes up and I have to click [No] to keep going.. Someone here has to know the fix for this. Thanks!!!!! Joey
  10. Thanks a BILLION!!!!!!! It Works PERFECTLY!!!! i should have come here first....
  11. The files are put up as https, not in an ftp server. If I could ftp to the source directory, I could easily automate grabbing it.
  12. Howdy, I need a simple program, preferably a windows command line, where I can copy a file from a web location to my local (windows based) machine. I know that I can right click and save as, but I want to be able to automate these simple steps so I don't have to be there to do the copy. I have been going nuts trying different things. Thanks very very much in advance! Joey
  13. It was most certainly PSU. Not sure if dust contributed or not, but I sure had a lot of dust. After blowing the case with compressed air, I think I am going to need a shop vac to clean up my den. Well, I swapped the power supply with a power supply from a retired Pentium 2 machine, and tested just the mother board. It fired up great. But the old power supply wouldn't support my SATA drives, so it went back into retirement. My higher dollar Antec Smartpower is now retired. I bought a $40 Antec Basiq. If this model is junk, please let me know ASAP. I don't need a high performance PSU for this old computer (although with my transperent case, it might be nice to have something cool) I just don't want junk. Or as Antec might call it, junq. Thanks :-) Joey
  14. Yes, it is pretty dusty inside. I used to clean it regularly, but that was a long time ago. Is it possible that blowing air over the dust can fix a short? Anywhere I might want to focus the dust on? I will probably be looking at PSUs today. Thanks, Joey
  15. I turned my machine off before I left for vacation. Shut it down gracefully, and then turned it off at the power supply. I came back a week later. Turned on the power supply and the green light comes on on my motherboard. But when I hit the on button on my case, nothing happens. No fans start spinning, motherboard, PSU, or case. None of the wires were disconnected. The PSU was making a high pitched noise. This is a 500W Antec PSU which was highly recommended here the time I got it (a long time ago.) Should I just by a new PSU at FRYs, connect it to everything, and see if it works? (No need to tell me I am overdue for a new computer....) Thanks, Joey
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