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    what is burn in test?
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    What do you guys use to see if a system is stabel i need some programs before i get started on my piece. links please
  3. kier

    My first mod

    UPDATE ........... I am all set except 3 more hours worth of putting stuff toghter and making the tops
  4. I am taking some old waferboard i had laying around and making the ultimate fan cooling system i can. I am boxing off my cpu and hardrive and putting about 6 80mms fan on them and maybe 2 60+mm fans with ducts to my prossecor, and video card ... and yes this will be my ghetto computer with the toliet paper roll fan ducts........ I will have a plexiglass top because instead of my orgianal idea of all plexiglass but that would get expensive so i decided for this.... hopefully it will turn out right.
  5. kier

    Duron1ghz how?

    Whats a pencil trick?
  6. if i use a duct i would use paper tower rolls ,, the ghetto computer
  7. kier


    I went to the hardware store and ohh man freaken 1/8 acrilic plexiglass is expensive then I went to ask about 1/4 freaken A it will take like 120 bucks to make a case i want! So i thinking i will make the bottom out of wood and have a nice see through top
  8. I have never done a mod so I dont know if a plexi glass is to hard to start out with or not so. I read 1/4 inch is good to hold and sturdy enough. The question i have is how do i mount my cdrom and adrive, and stuff Is there any guides that show this or could someone make a quick one for me?
  9. I have read many of posts about overclocking and now i am going to atttempt on my dinky machine 1ghz Duron 256mb 20gig HD If my ram is 100 dim will me changing my bus from 100 say to 133 screw up my ram? Or can i change just my voltage a little bit to get up to 1.2ghz I have a HS and HSF that is soppused to cool up to 1.4ghz and right now my temp never gets over 38*C right now its 30*c . Will this setup cool the 1.2ghz if i get it there? Do i change the bus or the voltage?