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  1. Thanks for the replies. I just tore the thing apart today again. Even took my old PSU to get tested, it was fine. So far nothing has helped. Gonna take it to the shop tomorrow and pay the freaking $$. I just hope it doesn't take em long to figure out what is wrong. At $75/hour I hope they're quick. :angry2:
  2. Ok, I need some help with this one. This morning I was going to transfer a podcast to my PSP. My computer told me it found new hadware and could not install the unknown USB device. So I think, "That's odd this hasn't happened before." So I go to device manager and try to reinstall the PSP. I go through everything turn off PSP unplug, plug it in again, uninstall from device manager, etc... nothing. Ok, no big I'll just restart and that should fix it. Yeah right. Anyway I go get dressed for work while my computer is restarting. When I get back the computer is off. I think "dang did I hit turn off instead of restart?" Oh well hit the power button and... nothing. Huh, maybe I hit the reset button instead? Nope. By this time I'm bout panicking. I have unpluged the computer tried to reset the CMOS, Installed a different PSU, Popped out the battery. I am stumped. There seems to be no physical damage anywhere. Is it possible that a virus could do this as I can't see any hardware damage? The only thing that did happen the night before was I upgraded to a XP-90c heatsink. The little problem there was as I removed the old HSF the CPU came out of the socket. However reinstallation went off without a hitch. So again I'm stumped. If anyone has any ideas please let me know.
  3. Acctually my monitor is a SyncMaster 955DF. that max res is just what my advanced settings tab shows when I have it list resolutions my adapter will support. Although I am quite happy with my current monitor it is a few years old.
  4. Hi all! Ok, I'm getting an LCD soon and I need some oppinions. First off I'm using an eVGA 6800gt (AGP) and the max resolution I get in the advanced tab is 2048x1536. I am looking at the Samsung 205BW. I should be ok on my desktop at the native res of 1680x1050 however in BF2, FEAR and the like I may be screwed even with the extras turned off. Should I try this monitor or look for one with a native res of 1440x900? I know I'll need to tweak my games FoV and that's no big deal. Thank's for the advice everyone.
  5. I like the "bug" report that said the system will crash if you remove the HDD while playing a game. What sane person would even think about taking the HDD off with the system on let alone while playing a game? Must be some guy wanting to scare people off so he can get one.
  6. Not quite different resolutions. All 360 games are required to run at 720p min. They devs can go up to 1080i if they chose. The old games that are or going to be BC will show some improved image quality and improved frame rate. I haven't tried acctually playing any of my old game son the 360 yet but a few of em are recognized.
  7. Well for me it's a matter of that nasty little RSI called carple tunnel syndrome. Sitting at my comp for hours on end playing a game makes my hands and arms HURT bad! Sitting infront of the TV with a gamepad does not. So, there you go. Besides everyone has their pref. I just happen to be taking the console on this one. Also what's wrong with having a console(s) AND a PC?
  8. marsx69

    New Tv

    Check this out. How'd you like to hook this up in your home theater? BIG TV! Prolly gonna cost over $10k, but hey just imagine hookin that bad boy up to your 360 or PS3! If its like the 45" AQUOS sets it has a 12ms response too. Some day...
  9. Well, congrats first off. By the time you get your 360 you should have a fairly good selection. I have four games on my list, Perfect Dark 0, Elder Scrolls, Full Auto, and Quake 4. All look to be great games. Course this summer and next fall will offer MUCH better games, as the developers will have been able to get used to the new tools and hardware.
  10. Gotta love that G5. Think the only mice I've had is Logitech. If I had the $$ I'd try the Razer offerings. Oh well, I'm just hopeing for a G5 for X-mas.
  11. The map does load before you join. Thats that little bar at the bottom of the screan that says loading objects, etc. Anyhow, that lag thing happens to me every so offten. I just restart and its all good. The one problem I seem to have lately is with Norton's worm detection. dang thing goes off everytime I hit the playnow button, like 20 times. I configured it to ignore BF2 but It still pops up. Luckily it doesn't crash BF2 or I'd really be pissed.
  12. Hey, smoking is bad for you. You shouldn't encourage it in your peripherals!
  13. Yep, so far no negatives with the 1.03 patch. Love my new Sniper rifle. Got my veteran badge on Wake Island too. Also anyone use a gamepad to play BF2? Been thinking bout getting a J-stick so I can get some flight time. Just can't seem to get the hang of the keyboard and mouse or just keyboard. Anyway, don't like the idea of trying to move from the k/m to the stick and back. So was thinking bout trying a game pad since the xbox version handled well. Any thoughts? ::EDIT:: Also LOVE the controll point names!!
  14. Not sure, I think the 1.02 patch did the same thing. I'm DLing it right now, was wondering if it had any negative side effects.
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