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  1. Everyone post their modded case so we can get ideas!
  2. RealSlimShady

    DiskonKey Review

  3. RealSlimShady

    Some Athlon Parts

    how about the board and the cpu? if i bought both
  4. RealSlimShady

    Some Athlon Parts

    how much for the motherboard?
  5. I have made smoke effect before. You need to make about 10 frames or more to make it look real, and smooth. Just make smoke effect with the outline draw tool, then fill it in with gray color. just change it up 10times and it'll look like smoke
  6. RealSlimShady

    The World Trade Center Plane

    Yeah, WW3 I believe it.
  7. RealSlimShady

    Good CPU temperature

    yes that is good
  8. RealSlimShady

    athlon 1.4

    well try 1.75 it may work and be stable, if not go up to 1.80
  9. RealSlimShady

    athlon 1.4

    The lower the voltage the better but it has to be stable too. If you set it at 1.5 I think 1.75 should do fine. If not go up another notch.. until its stable
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    Overclocking advice....Help!

    your mem should be able to do 150fsb. default 1.75core you should only increase the voltage when your pc doesnt boot or is unstable. If you trying to hit 1.4 you should set the core voltage to 1.80 prob make sure you have good cooling, keep an eye on the temps, more voltage = higher temps and more heat
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    Odd symptoms

    strange, what voltage you running at?
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    need some advice

    check http://www.pricewatch.com for the cheapest prices on the Internet. As for the heatsink.. http://www.heatsinkfactory.com (Edited by RealSlimShady at 8:57 am on July 31, 2001)
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    How overclockable is the geforce3 leadtek?
  14. replacing your power button on your case with a keylock?
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    All your base