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  1. [email protected], blown posi, 7 cylinders all that has been fixed, new motor, posi is fixed, should be in the 11s on motor this year.
  2. nothing for the computer, have to buy a new engine block for my other toy.
  3. can you run it simutaneously on two machines under the same user name?
  4. human, the dog has a better chance of survival due to the proximity to the gound in a smoke filled environment. Plus, think of how easy it would be to get women, "I pulled someone from a burning building", you would be in like its no thing.
  5. $9.16..........which is eerie because that is my birthday
  6. um, the wheel is clearly on the gound......... but there is a harrier replacement, im not sure of the name though, but that coule be it
  7. What do a 400hp, 600hp and 800hp Supra all have in common?? [ [ [ [ [ Scroll down obviously [ [ [ [ [ [ [ [ [ [ [ [ 12 second timeslips
  8. here is an easy one, but its still a dang good quote. "This......is my BOOMSTICK!!"
  9. 1. Ford Lightning 2. F150 Harley Davison Edition 3. F350 Powerstroke Crew Cab Dually 4. GMC Sylcone or Typhoon 5. 1972 GMC pickup (perfect base for a cruiser)
  10. you guys kick some serious .. ill be buying that movie REAL soon. Thanks for your help
  11. Ok, i have no clue what the name of this movie is, i havent seen it in years, and i have been trying to figure out the name, hopefully some of you guys will know it. Anyways, here is the basic idea of the move: Came out in the 80s There was a gang that was being taken out one by one by a ghost or something in a black sleek car, kinda knight rider-esque. I believe the gang's hideout or whatever was up in the mountains, with a single dirt road leading to it. One of the scenes was the black car driving through the hideout and basically demolishing it. And at the end, the driver of the car ended up being the friend or brother of one of the innocent "good guys" in the movie, and was given the black car by the ghost. i know its a vague description, but thats all i can really remember. so, any help?
  12. I missed the debate last night, i had to drive across state to pick up an engine, will they be replaying the debate on fox news, or msnbc or any station? id really like to see it.
  13. So basically, the people who are saying bush won, base that on the fact that he didnt look like as big of a moron as everyone expected? its like teaching a dog to sit, then claiming he is the smartest dog ever.
  14. The pitch black is good in small doses, reminds me of grape bubblicious. the baja blast is nasty shyte though
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