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    Problem choosing graphic card

    I`m sure you got a card already by now but, 660 vs the HD 7850, i had the pwn 5870, and I like it, but I went to Nvidia and won`t go back again. 660 Al the way, find a good maker and go for it. EVGA all the way baby!
  2. Name

    GTX570sli Vs GTX680sli

    I have been throwing the idea around about running EVGA 680 Standard W/Backplate 4gig cards in SLI for the performance gain. But I also am looking into the near future of getting my 3rd screen I need and doing my triple screen setup I want to do. But also, thats a good 300 for the card and 150 for the Monitor. Sad thing is, if your going for SLI for triple screens, MY advice and I can say this from personal experiance. LOOK at the dang monitor carefully, make sure the Bezel thickness is small, to thick means to large a gap and it will screw your your mind. As for SLI, you get what you pay for. If you run at 1600, your gonna gain more then really needed.