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    - Intel E5400 2.7GHZ
    - Intel DG31PR
    - 4GB Kingston DDR2 800mhz
    - Palit GTX 560 SE
    - Seagate 500GB x2 - Seagate 320GB - Seagate 160GB
    - CoolerMaster Elite 371
    - Gigabyte Superb 550W
    - 22" AOC
    - Logitech Keyboard K100
    - Genius Netscroll 120
  1. wow, an awesome list of prizes, thanks to OCC and Sponsors.
  2. Here's few on my lists Netbeans Notepad++ Media Player Classic Photoshop XviD4PSP 5
  3. I personally use AVG and some times Avast for cleaning my friends pc.
  4. Infernus


    Good day to all!.. I'm Infernus from the Philippines a PC Enthusiast. The site and user review here is very informative.
  5. Sweet, I would like to try my luck. CPU: Intel E5400 2.7GHZ Motherboard: Intel DG31PR RAM: 2GB x 2 Kingston DDR2 800mhz GPU: Palit GTX560 SE ( from Sapphire 5750 ) Storage: Seagate 500GB x2, Seagate 320GB, Seagate 160GB Chassis: CoolerMaster Elite 371 Cooling: Stock Cooler PSU: Gigabyte Superb 550W Display: 22" AOC Audio: Onboard, Altec Lansing BXR1321 Keyboard: Logitech Keyboard K100 Mouse: Genius Netscroll 120 Country: Philippines
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