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    ...Not much really. Write a fanfic here, colour artwork in photoshop there.
    -All games are dead to me now because I saw a video of BF3. : (


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    Intel Q8300 - 2507Mhz (7Hz Overclock on stock cooling! Yeah!)
    2Gb DDR2 - 667Mhz
    250w FSP Group .inc PSU
    ATI HD 4350 512Mb
    Zixaa.. uh.. El-cheapo case, modded via a strong kick to the side.
  1. Aha. I see. Methinks that I'm alright then. Perhaps I should write an essay under it, or have my life story. Anyways, thanks Stonerboy779.
  2. As I am now wondering, as I am a n00b. Signature and images. Is mine alright? Because the limit is 10 lines, so I made my image 149 pixels high. Is the three lines of text under it too much? Or should I leave them?
  3. I always knew Apple was evil, releasing new products that do the same amount of nothing that the previous model did. Screen thingy: Some of us still run at 800x600 you know! You young whipper-snappers with your fancy screens and LDC's and LDE's and whatnot! Get off my lawn! Comb your hair! ...I just know there is an "An apple a day keeps the doctor away." joke in here somewhere.
  4. /Drags self back in using fingers. "Wh..Where am I? I've been playing online for far too long." Phew. Thanks for the positive feedback. I try to make everything interesting thought-provoking completely messed up in every way because it brings the viewers. Now that you're all here. Have some virtual cookies. /R2D2 wheels in with a generic silver platter of cookies upon it as the "Tatooine canteen" tune starts playing. Enjoy everyone! Drinks are on me! /R2D2 bleeps and bloops. That's right R2, because all I have is tap water. /Screen fills up with coconut husks that turn a bright shade of yellow before turning inside-out and blinking from existence. Hmh.. I'll have to get that looked at, it could be a virus on my computer.
  5. Oh don't worry, I will. /Begins forum stalking in search of plentiful grammatical errors.
  6. I am indeed fighting it.. it's this new drug I'm on.. called. Erm. Online gaming.. Yes. Anyways, glad to be welcome, look forward to being a bit more active around here. Also, Midnight Rider: *that's
  7. EXCUSE ME SIR! I AM BRITISH! XD No, I'm up by JHB, out on the farms there by Benoni, No telephone lines due to the fact that they have been stolen for the past 8 years now. I'm using that MTN uncapped lite package. Also: /slaps midnight rider for the use of "awe" as a greeting. (Nice profile picture by the way.) But ja bru, it's kool hey? Howzit going for you? what do U use for konnekting to the internet? ...I died inside from typing that.. I hope it was worth it.. Please may I go back to using a non-south african accent? Russian? Scottish? Chinglish? ...anything but what is said here. The grammar Nazi in me must get out. Nice to get such warm greetings like: "Errr, uh, hello" It sure is better than the responses you get on other forums. (FIRST!)
  8. Hey. there. home-dogs. how. you. at. my. homies? Gah. This isn't working. /tosses poorly read script aside. Uhhm.. What works? a limerick? Greetings from crazy-ol 'Grey, who managed to log in today. He'd do it some more but his fingers are sore from playing that Call Of Dew-tay. Did that work? Am I accepted into the tribe of overclockers now? Or do I overclock first? I took my C2Q Q8300 to 2.507Ghz by increasing the FSB speed by 1. Are you not impressed? Are you not entertained by my ramblings? /Person in crowd. "Booooo! 'Yer rubbish! Ge'rrof!" /steps to one side as beverage cup is thrown. Eheh.. Tough crowd tonight.. Uhm. Well. How about this? See! I fold for you bozos wonderful people now. Aren't you lucky? I even brought the machine that goes PING! /Machine pings. As you can see. I have mental issues, I watch a bit of Monty Python, Whose line is it anyway, and other such random shows. I play games too, like the usual, Call Of Duty, Battlefield, Command & Conquer, Star Trek Online, don't forget flying games, in those games I can safely say "Ko za asy." I tend to avoid the newer games as my rubbish computah cannot play them, but I'm pretty good at the games I can run, I've yet to go to a LAN party where anyone beats me, I tend to avoid playing online because my internet is limited to a speed of around 20KB a second, and pings are usually in the range of 300-999. I have many talents, such as writing, drawing, breathing and blinking, something I practice hard in is the art of sleeping, rather difficult as I am a nocturnal creature. I know my stuff when it comes to computers, and I'm always the one doing troubleshooting for friends people who need help with computers, trying to explain DHCP and why it needs to be enabled to someone that doesn't know how to use a computer to do anything but facebook is the most painful thing in the world. Well, before this gets tl;dr, I'm just going to say thanks for reading, and I'm glad to be part of the community. Lovies: Faux_Grey -Self proclaimed grammar nazi.
  9. I made my username so long ago... I canne' remember what it is cap'n. An anagram of somethin' methinks. Whae'er, it doohs soond pre'eh kool in a braw Scottish accent. /coughs. Anyways, yes I've been Faux_Grey for about a year now, the days of KinG_Bob are over after the KinG clan died out due to everyone but me sucking at call of duty 4. /sighs and shakes head at thought of uneventful LAN parties.
  10. Ah, good old flight games. I still have a load from my old RONDO disks, the one where you have to type in the password written on the disk. F22 lightning 1 perhaps? My first thought was Warbirds, but you shot that idea down. /poorly executed drum roll
  11. ... I want to play Battlefield 3. ~.~

  12. I could upgrade my computer. Sweet Jebus! /Inserts memeface_sweet_jesus.jpg Now let's see what we have here... CPU: Intel Q8300 @ 2507Mhz (Yup, that's right, an impressive 7Hz overclock on stock cooling, I knew I'd fit in well here. (Any higher and my LAN adapter doesn't receive an IRQ.) RAM: 2Gb DDR2 667Mhz generic mismatched sticks. (Transcend/Hyundai Electronics) GPU: 512Mb Gigabyte ATI HD 4350 ; 80 @ 680mhz. (More overclocking, You people must love me right now.) PSU: Generic 250w from FSP Group .inc Motherboard: ECS G31T-M7 LGA 775 Audio: Onboard Case: Generic el-cheapo box by some company called Zixaa. (Custom modded via a heavy kick to the side door. - Airflow has improved slightly since then.) Storage: Sata: 500Gb Samsung HD502HI ; 1000Gb Samsung HD 103SI ; 250Gb Toshiba MK2552GSX ; Uhhh.. 250Gb "St9250315AS" Storage: IDE: 80Gb "ST380011A" Country: South Africa That's all you need right? I suuuurrre hope so. Edit: Just been reading some of the previous pages.. Why do you people need to upgrade when you have modern stuff? WHYYYY? Is an i7 2600k not good enough for your needs? Do you really need that third GTX 680? The answer, Yes, We're all computer enthusiasts, and by definition that means we all need the best there possibly is.
  13. I don't know why people say crossover cables are required.. I've Used Normal cable types and crossover cable types to connect two computers in a direct link. I recall my old laptop from 2001 not connecting because I never used a crossover cable, but anything modern is capable of auto-negotiation. Amirite?
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