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  1. In event viewer there was not driver crash or even not app crash. Game just simply freezed and i used to logout from system by ctrl alt delete. So propably bug i mean no hardware? There was nothing in event viewer.
  2. Because first time it happened after 2 hours ,when i back to home it freezed. I left game running for 2 hours when i go out. Second time it happened after 20 hours and no more. Only 2 times. So it can be memory leak?
  3. Never happened like this in this game,Control Remedy. I was able to run game 24 hours without issue. But Today game after 2 hours just freeze,hang up. Mouse not responding,keyboard not responding. CTRL ALT DELETE logout from system.Event viewer nothing about crash,no driver crash. Just simply game freeze hangs. Killed in task manager i. I have 2080 Ti Aorus NO OC stock,9700K Stock. Any ideas why that happened? My pc are stable. But i dont know if something is broken in pc? It happened again,second time. I reproduced that.This time after 20 hours. All freezes,character stop moving,mouse not reacting,keyboard stop responding. All i can do is to CTRL ALT DELETE and kill game in task manager. No display driver crash,no app crash in event log.
  4. Monitor:AORUS AD27QD Cpu: i7-9900K stock 4.7 with Noctua NH-D15 Gpu: Rtx 2080 Ti Aorus Xtreme Waterforce ( stock no oc,temps max 63C on load ) Ram: 32gb 2x16 GB DDR4 GSKILL 3000MHZ XMP Psu: Seasonic Ultra Prime Titanium 850W mobo:Asus Prime Z390-A SSD: Crucial 1TB HDD: WB BLUE 1 TB Case: Cooler Master Cosmos C700P Hello.I left Metro Exodus running by character standing on the same place for 12 hours. When i back to home i press ESC and while exiting from game mission to MAIN MENU ( moment where GPU LOAD drops ) i get BLACK SCREEN and no monitor signal for 1 minute, and crash to desktop with TDR driver crash in event log. After that i log off from system and log back in again and system rebooted unexpected. I dont have any other issues with stability in games. It happened once. Thx also not able to reproduce. Very weird. C:/Windows/minidump ,not exist. C:/Windows/memory.dmp not exist. Here is screens from dump file ---> C:/Windows/Livekernelreports/pow32Kwatchdog.dmp <--only that file appear. I think it is related to that pc reboot but not sure. "A callout to Win32k did not return promptly" https://i.postimg.cc/xCv9gqjd/w1.jpg https://i.imgur.com/01kGvUb.jpg It was hardware issue or not? Also my gpu drivers is from november 2019. Windows 10 up to date. I dont know what is that pow32kwatchdog.dmp.
  5. Benchmark is pretty old ,less demanding on 1920x1080p res when is amount fps 180-220fps and card hitting power limit just things happen,maybe. Still cant reproduce this even when i run test + heavy tasks in background weird. But i remember that on this day that test was stuttering for me too for no reason. Later i realize that Windows 10 was installing some cumulative updates and maybe that was the reason.
  6. yeah i know but i never saw that clock drop from 1950 to 1575.
  7. Hello. I have a question. I am using Rtx 2080 Ti Waterforce and 9900K and Corsair 850RmX. ALL stock,no oc. I run 3dmark firestrike 1920x1080. Monitor 1440P native. Using Msi Afterburner not the newest,and riva tuner statistic. In some moment in looped test, i saw a clock dip from 1980mhz to 1570mhz. GPU LOAD not changed,it was 96%. Only gpu clock dip for a second. I checked in history and it was power usage drop to 58%. But then i look at gpuz and gpuz not report that,all was fine,no drop in clock and power. Screen: https://i.postimg.cc/XqSFQWQ1/ui1.jpg 58% power,96% gpu load,clock 1570mhz. Like i said i checked gpuz and nothing like that in gpuz. Any ideas? Somebody maybe tell me what it happened? On games i never saw that. Even try to replicate but it cant happen again.
  8. Yeah but i dont heard about your answers here. Please. Stop lamenting and just help.!
  9. Ok but i dont heard answer about this issue from you guys. So why you cannot help me about this error warning. Should i do something or ignore?
  10. Hey all. WHEA-LOGGER 19 back. I saw 1 entry yesterday ,look: Nothing get crashed. Just entry on event log. Pc was idling,only steam on background running. Should i be worry or not? Windows 10 the newest build of Fall Creator Update.
  11. Hi. This is the only 1 game that hitting my 8700K to abnormal temps. Temps goes to 80 and climbing in random areas to 90-95C and occasionally spikes to 100C. In other games temps are 70-85C. ( Doom, 3dmarks,GTA V ) I am downloading now Call of duty WW II and Watch Dogs 2 to see temps. After work i will try. But actually i am asking about that temps in AC Origins. I have 8700K with cooler M9i Cryoring , motherboard Asus Z370 Pro Gaming. MCE is on. XMP memory ON. 8700K clock are 4700mhz. Is this safe to play with that temps or i must change something?
  12. I checked now events today. And it stopped throwing that errors after that update : https://support.microsoft.com/pl-pl/help/4056892/windows-10-update-kb4056892 KB4056892 (kompilacja systemu operacyjnego: 16299.192) I must ask. Why on 16299.192 it not throwing WHEA-ERRORS. This update is from 3.january.: https://support.microsoft.com/pl-pl/help/4056892/windows-10-update-kb4056892 So why on previous Win10 build was throwing errors, propably it was 16299.15 . I dont remember which build of Win10 was first after installation,because soon later W10 was updated to 16299.192 Still i have something wrong with hardware?
  13. Any ideas? Why that happened ( only in event log ) and it stopped.
  14. Today i checked my event viewer and found some weird errors from 21.01.2018 : A spam of: WHEA Event ID 19 CPU-corrected hw error And only one : WHEA Event ID 47 memory-corrected hw error Here are screen with one of them: This day i remember i finished installing Windows 10. And system was completely on idle overnight. Errors was only in 21 january. From 22 january till today no errors in event viewer,i checking now all days. This happened in day when i finished installing Windows 10. Errors starts showing on IDLE in event logs in 3 a.m and finished at 3 at noon. After that errors stops showing. I triied memtest86,ihcmemtet all benchmarks and no errors. No bsods,no freezing. Any ideas why that happened? That was error related to hardware or ? And i dont know why this errors happened in this day? Computer is: 8700K stock, MTE on, 4700mhz auto clock Asus Z370 Pro Gaming 16GB DDR 3000MHZ ( XMP ON) Gtx 1080 Ti Aorus Corsair 750 Rmi SSD Crucial 525GB HDD TOSHIBA 500GB Windows 10 clean install 1709 Creator Fall Update All settings in UEFI are stock,defaulted . Only XMP profile is on. Temps of cpu fine,temps of gpu fine. Never had any single BSOD. Memtest86 and ihcmemtest no errors. All benchmarks passing, no crashing in games Only saw that error in event viewer which make think that is still with cpu or rams or mobo or psu? Looking across internet i have found bad opinions about this. I am so depressed guys!
  15. I just turned off pc by power button from UEFI just after XMP applied with success. After 2 hours i boot pc and that message appeared. But like i said... I tried to reproduce this warning but i am not able to do that. Reverting to standard and then again to XMP save. Turn off pc by power button. But not warning. Any ideas why it happened just once,and still its something wrong? This occured when pc was off some time , 4 hours . And then. 2 times, i turn off my pc for 12 hours,booted in morning, and fine again. But i want to be sure thats all is ok. Memtest not showing errors also.
  16. I tried to reproduce this warning but i am not able to do that. Reverting to standard and then again to XMP save. Turn off pc by power button. But not warning. Any ideas why it happened just once,and still its something wrong? This occured when pc was off some time , 4 hours . And then. I met users using XMP with the same issue , only after pc was off some time like overnight. So it not never happen when i turn off pc and immidiately turn on. Only just when pc is off few hours.
  17. I met users using XMP with the same issue , only after pc was off some time. Like here: http://extreme.pcgameshardware.de/mainboards-und-arbeitsspeicher/474248-z170-pro-gaming-system-posted-safe-mode-schaltbare-steckdose.html So what to do now,rma mobo?
  18. Hi. My mobo is Asus Z370 Pro Gaming. And rams: Gskill 2x8GB 2133mhz ( XMP 3000mhz ). Cpu 8700K. When i choose in UEFI first time XMP profile i saved and booted fine to UEFI. I turn off pc,turn on again after 2 hours, and then, i met screen: THE SYSTEM HAS POSTED IN SAFE MODE. This happened just once. Now its booting fine,but i dont know why it booted just once with this message. This is screen from internet ( not my pc ) ,but the same msg to show: I tried to reproduce this warning but i am not able to do that. Reverting to standard and then again to XMP save. Turn off pc by power button. But not warning. Any ideas why it happened just once,and still its something wrong? This occured when pc was off some time , 4 hours . And then. I met users using XMP with the same issue , only after pc was off some time. Memtest not showing errors also. Really appreciate it for help. This is my new pc.
  19. Really appreciate it for help. Also. I just ask to be sure if my pc is fine. So thats why i create topic. Like i said. It happen not immidiately after power outage. But on my second turning pc, when windows 10 booted , refresh was lower. Then i turn off monitor and turn on again , and 144 appear again. Also i cant reproduce it.
  20. I think if i have unclean power in house i will get random shutdowns etc , but i didnt. It happens once ,short after power outage. Windows 10 booted with lower refresh than 144hz. But i only turn off monitor and turn on again and 144hz appear. If i have dirty power why restarting monitor helped then?
  21. So what to do now? Unclean power, what you mean? But to make again 144hz i turned off monitor and turn back on again. Also i tried to reproduce issue,but it not happened again. I mean i cut power 3 times to pc and always 144hz in boot. Even after next booting. Unclean power what you mean , can you explain?
  22. *Monitor Red Eagle IIyama 24' 1080p 144hz plugged by display port cable to GFX. Few days ago i get power outage. Power outage was because fuse was tripped because of kitchen which was turned on in other room. When i run pc first time on first boot ( after power outage ) refresh was normal at start 144hz. When i manually turn off computer and turn on again,and on my second boot it happened. Refresh was lower than 144hz. To make again 144hz i turned off monitor and turn back on again. So that was bug or that power outage related? But i like i said on my first pc run ( boot ) after power outage refresh was 144hz fine. It happened just after i normally shutdown my pc and booted pc second time. Maybe coincidence and i am worrying for nothing,hehe ? So conclusion: It happened not just after ( not on pc first power on ) power outage. But on second time ( second turn ) when i boot to Windows 10. PS: I tried to reproduce only 3 times by cutting power to pc and powering on and booting again, but 144hz on start. Not able to reproduce. Maybe coincidence and i am worrying for nothing?
  23. Hello. I am just asking. Maybe this is coincidence and i am worrying about nothing. So listen... 2 days ago after turning on kitchen, fuse was tripped and i get power outage. When power back after this i booted pc fine but i saw that Windows 10 desktop refresh changed itself from 144hz to lower value ( i dont remember to which ) . To restore again 144hz , i turned off monitor ,turned again on. And its fine. Why that happened? I tried to reproduce this issue, by turning off computer and booting again but it never repeat. And my question is . That was coincidence that after power outage my Windows 10 monitor refresh was changed or not? Thank you. My pc: 6700K stock 16GB DDR4 Asus Z170-P Corsair 750 RM Gtx 1080 Ti Founder Edition Monitor Red Eagle IIyama 1080 144hz plugged by display port cable to GFX. I tested games etc etc and no crashes or artifacts.
  24. Hello. So first my pc: 6700K stock , never oc and temps are fine Gtx 1080 Ti FE , never oc, stock 16GB DDR4 Corsair 750 RM Windows 10 , drivers 388.13 So today i run 4 times 3dmark Fire strike custom . ( graphic test 1 , graphic test 2, physics score and combined score ). All is fine , but combined score weirdly fluctuate. 1 run: https://www.3dmark.com/fs/14034905 Combined score : 7883 score, 36.67 fps 2 run ( only Combined score ): https://www.3dmark.com/fs/14034931 Combined score: 8 277, 38,5 fps 3 run : https://www.3dmark.com/fs/14035042 Combined score : 8 420 score, 39.17 fps 4 run: https://www.3dmark.com/fs/14035779 Combined score: 7918 score , 36.83 fps My pc is stable, no have crashes or artifacts. No problems with games. But only want to be sure that this variation its fine or not? I close all programs during tests. I am sure at 99% that was not caused by any background process. All 4 runs was with the same settings and the same resolution with defaulted settings.
  25. Just ask The fact is that i don't get a TDR every time after turning on monitor when the test stop . Its very random. It TDR at random times just when i turn on monitor during test. Test will stop and sometimes tdr will show in event logs. Thats all. Not hardware issue or yes? Its last question. Thank you .! Just want to know why TDR sometimes appear and sometimes not.
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