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  1. p8-z77 v deluxe, although the efi detects that the target cpu speed is to be 4.8ghz its when i boot into windows that it is changed
  2. ended up at an O.C of 4.8ghz @ 1.32v which is a lot better, although i do still have one problem and thats when ever i boot windows the multiplier changes back to 50 and i have to change it in turbov evo, i have tried disabling it and uninstalling ai suite but that had no effect. oh temps under ibt are now at ~80 degrees
  3. now have my new chip! its not bad either, got 5ghz @ 1.42 volts although having some problems still with heat although il try some other thermal paste, any recommendations? may just get mx4. Another problem is the vdroop under load, LLC is set to ultra high, as extreme has some nasty spikes and the voltages are all over the place, but the chip idles at 1.44 then when it loads it drops right down to 1.416 minimum. although temps are approaching 100 so if new thermal paste doesn't end up working i will bring it down a bit.
  4. +1 on the tx650v2 i have one and its running an overclocked i5 3570k, a watercooling loop and an overclocked kfa2 gtx670. as for the graphics card i would save some money and go for a decent 670 and overclock it, it won't be far from the 680 and should work out a bit cheaper.
  5. yeah maybe il get a good one, its annoying that i can't RMA it because its been overclocked.
  6. ambient temperature of the room is 13 degrees c and the case temp is 16, also that i5 has almost died, one of the memory channels has broke and it needs 1.3v to stay stable at 3.4ghz so probably a bad chip, got to wait until friday until i can afford a new one =[.
  7. Fitted a new backplate today, and reversed the flow through the block, now getting 64-68 degrees under full load which still seems a bit hot to me
  8. There is no mention of which is the inlet on the manual which came with the block and in this photo it looks symmetrical http://i464.photobucket.com/albums/rr4/383HEMI/Lian%20Li%20A05N/DSCF0091.jpg, however i have to remove the mobo again soon to fit some decoupling kits because the top fans are resonating the case so i will reverse the flow then and see if it helps, the supreme and supremacy are totally different blocks, and in a different price range so the design will be different. i will also be installing a back plate however one isn't required but it will be useful. the block is definitely level but i will check the IHS incase.
  9. The whole block looks different, the TIM is phobya hegrease, and the instructions did'nt say anything about which port to use as inlet, maybe thats for a different block? There is plenty of pressure and it looks like its mounted fine il post a better photo of the block http://postimage.org/gallery/pbzm0p4/ edit: my block is not a supremacy, its a supreme ltx nickel csq, so it won't have the same inlet/outlet configuration as the supremacy, although good idea Fans are at max and the pump is running directly off a 12v molex, so should be at max, also 2 cores are running at 58 degrees and 2 at 68 degrees, i expected some variation between cores but not that much.
  10. So, built my nice new shiny watercooling loop today and im not impressed by the temps. i have an i5 3570k @ 4.4ghz and under IBT at max stress it hits 72 degrees C, vcore is at 1.236v which is the same as my old cooler which was a noctua nh-d14. its a new loop, specs are alphacool nexxos ut60 in 280mm with some akasa fans with a high static pressure, so plenty of flow, EK dcp 4.0 pump EK nickel supremecy plexi, phobya single bay res, photos here, http://postimage.org/gallery/9bwin2xy/ce5e1fff/ the nzxt m59 wasn't an easy case to build into i had a lot of problems with routing the hoses. Anyways any ideas about the temperatures? EDIT: pump-block-radiator-res-pump Cheers, Bill.
  11. Processor: Phenom 9500 @ 2.4ghz Cooling: arctic freezer pro 7 rev 2 Motherboard: Asus M2N62 AM SE2 GPU: XFX Radeon 6850 Black Edition RAM: 1xCrucial 2GB, 1xSamsung 1GB PSU: Corsair TX650 Monitor: Video Seven L15PS 15" 1024x768 4:3 HDD: Seagate Barracuda 1TB SATA 3 64Mb cache Keyboard: old Trust keypad Mouse: very old Microsoft thing Case: None Country: England
  12. Look good but unfortuatley my cooler overhangs the vrms, i have some good ideas for a heatsink anyways, doesn't need to be anything permanent, hoping to afford something a bit better soon
  13. Excuse the double post but it seems i may have found the soloution. I found this post on another board Anyway I put an old fan off a pentium 2 cooler on the VRMs and its a lot more stable although very loud. seems I'm going to have to make a heatsink. Least I know what the problem is. thanks for all the help. its still odd how this only affected the cpu inside of windows though.
  14. One step ahead, did that this morning and ran occt on it again but still clocked down at 41 degrees.however if it was the bios then surely it would also affect my Debian install? which runs fine at 2.4ghz under load. Etiher way this motherboard is going to have to go soon anyway or when I can afford to due its crappyness. But it would be nice if it worked in the mean time because it will be a while before i can afford a new board Also worth noting is that windows isn't reading the thermal max correct as it is reported as 115 degrees Celsius, where as it should be 70 degrees.
  15. +1 on the 7850, my preference is XFX, great value cards from them.
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