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    Case: Zalman GS1000
    Power: Corsair GS700
    Motherboard: Asus Sabertooth Z77
    CPU: Intel I7-3770K
    CPU Cooler: Mugen 3 HW edition
    Graphics Card: Asus Geforce GTX560 Overclocked edition
    Ram: Corsair Vengeance 8 GB DDR3
    SSD : Patriot Pyro SE 120 GB SATA III
    HDD: Western Digital 2TB


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  1. Iv been looking for a new keyboard now, and i don't know which one to take Steelseries Apex or Logitech G510s anyone have either of these and could tell me some pro's and con's? thanks
  2. I used to have the blue Logitech G15, then the orange one, great keyboards, but i think for a bit more money the G510 would be your best choice Or for a shit ton of money get a razer black widow : http://www.razerzone.com/eu-en/store/choose/razer-blackwidow-ultimate-2013?utm_source=RazerStore&utm_campaign=blackwidow2013&utm_medium=rsfp_mainban_eu
  3. Iv opened it and its not whit a belt, but whit gears
  4. Hi guys, There is a bit of a problem with my wheel. When i'm driving, lets say DiRT 3 where i have to steer quickly, my wheel gets off center, not once, it happens all the time. I think i have the wheel 2 years now, and it only started doing this a little while ago. It gets really annoying when i try to drift, because it sticks the center to the left i cant finish my slide.... In order to recenter it, i have to pause the game, turn the wheel in the other direction that its stuck in, and then its fine for like 2 more turns -_- Iv also noticed that its getting worse over time. anyone know how to fix this? Thx.
  5. Yea, some company's do that whit there cases.... Kinda sucks but i think a coolermaster or an antec would be alot better
  6. Today i went to school and my buddy was waiting for my whit an old pentium 4 compaq evo desktop X_X He asked me to take a look at it and now that i'm home i can see that it really is a peace of . xP When i started the pc the first thing i heard was that it was making a lot of noise. i open her up and i think i have never in my life seen so much dust in one pc before. Let me tell you the specs of this peace of fwarking ..; Windows XP pro Service pack 3 Intel Pentium 4 1.6 ghz (lolwut) Nvidia Vanta LT ( dafuq? ) a seagate 40 gb hd ATA 700 and something SD ram o_O
  7. Thank you all for the advice, Ill show this topic to my friend. I myself love my zalman GS 1000, and its not to expansive
  8. Hello guys, been a while My friend is looking to build a pc in the future, but he dis not have to much experience whit computer hardware. Its going to be a pc for gaming and he asked me what case he should buy one of these - http://tweakers.net/pricewatch/243697/zalman-gs1000-t-titanium.html#tab:prices - http://tweakers.net/pricewatch/262733/antec-dark-fleet-df85.html#tab:info But he was going on and on about alien ware cases. Are the alien ware pc's any good? and can you buy the case without hardware inside? Milan.
  9. Case; Zalman GS1000 Black Tower Motherboard ; Asus Sabertooth Z77 CPU ; Intel Core I7 3770-K unlocked Memory ; Corsair Vengeance 8 gb Graphics card ; Asus Geforce GTX 560 TI Overclocked Power supply ; Corsair GS700 SSD; Patriot Pyro SE 120 gb HDD; Western Digital 2tb Keyboard; Logitech G15 orange Mouse; Medion erazer Monitor 1; Medion 20'' Monitor 2; Acer TV 20'' Headset 1; Medion Erazer Headset 2 (broken x_X) ; Corsar HS1A Headset 3 (also broke x_X) ; Creative Fatal1ty Speakers; Silver crest surround sound 5.1 Additional controller ; Logitech Momo racing wheel force feedback Country Belgium
  10. Over here at my IT buddy we have got a free HP laptop whit the same problem xD But we only get 2 screens xP Other from that we where checking to get an other graphics card for it but they ran for like 200 euros, so that is not going to be for now hehe
  11. Hey there, Iv got the Sabertooth Z77 whit an intel core I7 3770-K and it runs BF3 like its nothing id suggest the sabertooth
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