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  1. I have the same Onkyo receiver hooked to my PC via HDMI. You do know that this receiver cannot receive audio data via the HDMI input? For some reason Onkyo cut that corner. It requires a different audio input from your PC. I have mine hooked via S/PDIF into the Onkyo's digital coax input. IF you knew about this, have it wired somehow, and are on XP my help stops there. On XP this worked easily because sound output to the PC speakers AND whatever other outputs present was simultaneous. Since my PC and the Onkyo are in different rooms with a closed door between this was fine for me. Vista, I don't know about. But when I went to Windows 7 with the same wiring the Onkyo stopped getting sound from the PC. MS decided to ditch the simultaneous sound, you have to pick one or the other. Maybe because a lot of people have the 2 systems in the same room. But it's a hassle to go into Control every time to switch. Then I found Win7AudioSwitcher v2.0 Beta, a small tray utility that makes the switch easy. Now I find I can't give you a link to it. You could look yourself. But this other little utility may work for you: Quick Sound Switch
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