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  1. Ok, so i made a VERY Rookie mistake (But hey, i'm still learning)... Most of you will probably laugh (Can't blame you), but it has really pissed me off because i have been unable to game for the past few days. The reason was because one of the bloody screws on the fan wasn't pushed into place properly. Now from a glance you would think they were in right, but from closer inspection and wiggling the four corners, i noticed that three were solid, and one could actually be pulled away from the board. All it required was a little pushing and screwing in properly, and that was it. I couldn't believe that was it, something as simple as that. But then again, there are millions of things that can go wrong with computers. It must have been throttling (I think thats the correct term). Luckily now, it's around 30/35degrees celcius idle and 45 degrees celcius when gaming, not the mention all my FPS is restored to around 100FPS on full settings ... A much greater improvement from what it was on, 105degrees celcius. Thanks for all the help, and glad it's sorted out now. Time to play CS:GO!
  2. Hi, thanks for your reply. I just reinstalled Windows yesterday after installing a new hard drive (Due to my old one being corrupt), so it shouldn't be junkware or a virus. I wouldn't put it down to the HD though as it's about the same lagginess (This HD is better than my old one, i think in terms of specs). How would i check if it's running off standard GPU? I have installed a program called GPU-Z and it does display stats for my 6850 so i assume it is working/running off of it. Also, my old PSU (Same wattage i think), managed to power my GPU fine and i was able to run heavy intensive games such as Battlefield 3 fine, so i don't think it should be that either. Now i come to think of previous times i've had lag, however, there were a couple of fixes. I will try them tommorow, and will post if i'm still getting lag (Though i assume i will). Firstly, my BIOS was running in IDE mode (I think), and i changed it to SATA (Or the other way around). This fixed a very small amount of lag however. My other fix that did work alot was when i updated my BIOS. However, i thought the BIOS would retain software updates, and if so, it should be up to date. I don't really like updating the BIOS, as if you update it with the wrong update it's as good as a heavy paperweight, though i think Gigabyte has two BIOS's (One is a minor backup one). It's gotten to a stage where i am willing to try anything though, as it couldn't get much worse (Will probably jinx myself saying that now), so i will go ahead and update it tommorow (or try to), along with checking what mode it is running in.
  3. First off, sorry if this is in the wrong place, but i thought this section might be the best place for it. Well, i made a post on the Steam forums about my problems, so i will quote it as it basically sums up my problem: (Thread link: http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2870627). Now i understand there could be a million and one problems with it, but I'm really not sure where to start. I have tried quite a few things already, but not enough obviously to find the solution. I was kind of hoping for a magical diagnostic program, but i'm pretty sure non exist If someone could point me in the right direction as to what it sounds like or what i could do to find out, please let me know Right now, even browsing the internet in firefox is somewhat laggy with numerous tabs open, so i am really not sure. Thanks alot (If any more information is needed, please let me know).
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