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  1. ahh well i cant get along with the circumaural headsets, they hurt my ears.. so i decided if i got some that was mede to sit on your ear it would be more comfy, as they were made for that, i did have a set that were pretty good, but the top "brace" of them broke, so i had got another pair the same. and again the top broke.. with the roccat kulo it has this "metal-reinforced headband amazingly flexible plus ultra lightweight at the same time."
  2. hey guys so i got a new soundcard and headphones on there way, im dont know much about the Audio side of pc's.. im more about oc, games, programing... anyways i have a set of roccat Kulo stereo on its way, it looks pretty good, and for £50 its about mid range?. http://www.scan.co.uk/products/roccat-kulo-stereo-gaming-headset-with-mic-roc-14-600 and i got this sound card, i asked my friend that is in a band and did music at school/college and also is into his pc's etc... its a Asus Xonar DGX 5.1 http://www.scan.co.uk/products/asus-xonar-dgx-51-pci-express-sound-card what do you guys think about this headset and sound card combo? thanks for reading! "note", links are only for you guys to see what the spec's are etc im not in anyway trying to get you to but it lol
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