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  1. FrozenCPU is ripping people off... Has anyone else bought the incredibly overpriced colored expandable sleeving from FrozenCPU.com? Their picture for the 1/4" sleeves is not of the actual product, but rather of the 1/2" counterpart. The 1/4" sleeves are poor quality, with few threads and a dark translucent color, not the bright solid color they advertise. I've ordered both the 1/2" and 1/4" from other places, and after being disappointed by the 1/4", decided to pay the $2.50/foot that FrozenCPU offers. Turns out they sell the same crap that I got from the other place (for $0.27/foot btw)... Has anyone else bought the 1/4" sleeves, and was anyone just as disappointed in them?
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