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  1. I also forgot to mention im looking for something mainly for FPS, I used to play a lot of world of warcraft but i dont anymore so I dont need the masses of buttons that come on the nage. The naga really feels good to me for fps despite what some people say however I just want to see if anyone has a suggestion for something suited more for fps games
  2. I have also been looking at the G9x as I have heard great things about it, however I would like a second opinion on it as I have heard that the buttons are too easy to click by accident and it looks like an odd shaped mouse
  3. I have the razer one and its the best keyboard i have used however i dont know if its too long for you as i havent seen the measurements. Have you seen the happy hackers keyboard, you can get that with mechanical keys im pretty sure and its a full size keyboard with all the crap cut away so it has a small base.
  4. Hi guys, I am looking for a new mouse as my second razer naga is having clicking issues again and thought id try something different even though i love the naga id rather not have to buy a new one every year. I have had the razer mamba but I sold that not long after getting it as it was too large for my gaming style and felt more suited to people who palm the mouse and use low dpi and I use the oposite. I was looking at something like the imperator since that seems to be a smaller mouse more suited to my style but im open to suggestions, I would rather stick with razer as all my other hardware is razer... however I dont mind switching to another company if its worth it as some of the logitech mice look good also... the shape and comfort of the mouse is the most important thing here and id be looking for something along the lines of the naga. Thanks guys
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