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    X58 ASUS PT6D Deluxe, i7-960 @ 4.25GHZ, 3x4GB Kingston HyperX ti @ 1622MHZ 9-9-9-24, Quadfire HD6870x2, 500GB Momentus XT in RAID0
  1. Test was done as Performance: Original Link: [url=]"http://3dmark.com/3dm11/4056379"[/url]
  2. Hi, I recently picked up my mates old i7-960, PT6D Deluxe and Kingston HyperX ti 3x4GB 1600. Took me about 3 days to research on how to OC this chip, coming from LGA775 I was quite noobish although I have OC before. Anyway I found a stable comfortable configuration which was well worth the time taking to tweak and test. If you want a more detailed and descriptive explanation visit this guide as it's what I used and it was so very helpful - http://www.overclockers.com/updated-intel-overclocking-guides/ I'm pretty sure I can OC my setup more however I'm waiting to upgrade my case and go watercooling which I'm still doing some research on, because right now I'm using a Prolimatech Megahalem REV.B w/ 1 120mm Scythe Silent Fan @ 1500rpm constant. I used IntelBurn Test for stress test and passed 10/10 cycles on Maximum settings. Max temp I hit was 86c, which seems very high for 24/7 usage. However I read IntelBurn Test is more efficient than Prime as 10 cycles of IntelBurn Test is pretty much equivalent to running Prime over night and that it stresses 20% more give or take. In conclusion my final OC in real world environment (how I use my PC) never even comes close to 86c. Ambient 22c, Idle 40c, Max 66c which I'm more than happy with considering I'm using air cooling. Here is a screenshots of my achievement: 3Dmark11 Results on Performance Feel free to ask any questions and I'll be more than happy to answer. Thanks for your time and I hope this helps.
  3. Any suggestions on a watercooling setup for an i7-960 and quadfire HD6870x2 ? I'll be upgrading case to Corsair 800D, currently using an Antec902 and everything is so crammed inside and on top of that the GPUS get steaming hot when OC'd so in the mean time I've put them back to stock clocks I've been looking around and the only places I see that do pretty good custom watercooling kits / pre-made kits are all in US or EU... well I'm from Melbourne,AUS - any suggestions on a good place to shop online or locally here?
  4. i7 960 3.2ghz Overclocked to 4.42ghz 211 x 21 @ 1.4v From an Antec902 air cooled w/ a REV.B Megahalem to a Xigmatek and EK water cooling. http://valid.canardpc.com/show_oc.php?id=2518425 Transition from Antec902 to the Xigmatek http://s7.photobucket.com/albums/y27...%20Transition/ Installing the EK kit into the Xigmatek http://s7.photobucket.com/albums/y27...ter%20Cooling/ OC Results and so forth http://s7.photobucket.com/albums/y27.../Overclocking/ Thanks and enjoy!
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